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grasbauernobody has issues with copy and paste in 2.4 or nobody packed with latest version of pygtk?00:08
grasbaueror everybody is afk and damaging the environment by no suspending ;)00:14
TelesightGrasbauer: I am afraid you are a lonely wolf calling into the night ,,,,:-D00:24
TelesightI have not used the 2.4 client untill now, so I can not help you ...00:27
grasbauerTelesight: we had the same issue in client 2.2 - no copy and paste on windows00:28
TelesightGrasbauer: Windows specific?00:29
grasbauerTelesight: yes - on windows 700:29
TelesightI only use Ubuntu versions, so I can not check it for you ...00:30
grasbauerTelesight: ok - thanks.00:31
TelesightGrasbauer: Ask again when everybody is awake ...;-)00:32
grasbauerTelesight: staying online not seems to be a indicator for this00:33
grasbauercedk: ping14:41
Vollstrecker_Hey guys, I just tried to update from 2.2.1 to 2.4.0, and get Exception: ('ValidateError', 'The value "en_US" for the field "lang" is not in the selection')16:11
Vollstrecker_Is this something known? As I use only de_DE, I expect to have no en_US.16:12
Vollstrecker_And I can't login anymore to enable some other lang, too.16:13
grasbauerVollstrecker_: can you paste a full traceback anywhere16:15
Vollstrecker_Sorry, I restarted already, after setting translatable and active to 1 for en_US in ir_lang by hand. Now it runs till products. Trace is here:
grasbauerVollstrecker_: lets go to - its more simple to explain in german ;)16:21
Vollstrecker_I get crash when closing a tab under kde Has anyone adressed something that could cause this already in trunk?17:12
Vollstrecker_Or maybe any hints how to get mor information about this?17:14
-!- Telesight( has left #tryton17:42
grasbauerACTION updating to 2.4 faced with a lot of changes: why cost_price in product is now required?21:28
grasbauerACTION complicates the update of existing databases ... 21:31
pilougrasbauer: maybe you could add your notes here:
cedkgrasbauer: cost_price was always required but before there was a default 0 value22:50
grasbauercedk: and its seems that the current reload while updating modules is broken - - there is no method shutdown_request22:55
grasbauerpilou: yes22:58
grasbauerpilou: first I hav to check what happens right now: trying to set cost_price and list_price(sic) programmaticly results in validation errors of the field account_revenue - but there is no message if I do the same in the client23:00
grasbauerACTION lost23:03

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