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albertcaanybody knows how to upload a review including subrepositories?00:32
albertca can't seem to find with latest hgreview00:32
cedkalbertca: there is a patch on codereview but it is not accessible right now00:51
albertcacedk: ok I thought it was already in the repository00:51
albertcacedk: will try it when it will be available00:51
piloualbertca: review24100100:51
albertcacedk: btw, will try to check issue 258700:51
cedkalbertca: ok01:06
grasbauersomeone who knows about the new searchwidget here? I was thinking about backporting the Filter to 2.2 - but first I want to ask, if it is more easy to convert a production system to 2.4 ;)09:18
sisalpgrasbauer: depends how you anticipated the installation of your production system09:47
sisalpby anyway, backporting to a production system is probably less safe than upgrading09:48
sisalpat least you should restore your database ona test server before breaking the production09:49
grasbauersisalp: I only talk about the client and the searchwidget introduced in 2.4. So my question is about the work to be done backporting the searchwidget vs. updgrading the whole system to 2.409:50
grasbauersisalp: in any case i have to do a repacking of the client for windows because the current release has issues with copy and paste. the actual pygtk seems to solve it - but it needs testing in the windowshell09:52
corroI stumbled upon the BROWSE_FIELD_TRESHOLD constant in and wondered what it stands for. The referencing code in didn't clarify it, so I'd like to aks: Does someone know about the effect of changing this value?12:57
cedkcorro: I can12:59
cedkcorro: it defines how many fields are read in a bunch12:59
corrocedk: thx, I guessed something in this direction. So lowering this value would result in more but smaller reads?13:04
cedkcorro: probably13:07
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grasbauerHello, I just packed a trytonclient 2.4 with the latest pygtk to solve issues with copy and paste in windows. Anybody has done this and experienced bugs in usage?23:55

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