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Luminos741Hi everybody10:42
Luminos741I'm looking for a way to create a database using Proteus10:42
cedkLuminos741: just connect to it10:45
Luminos741Even using xmlrpc ?10:46
cedkLuminos741: I guess you could with: config.get_proxy('', 'common').create(<dbname>, <password>, <lang>, <admin_password>)10:50
Luminos741cedk: Thank you, I'm trying it10:51
Luminos741Is lang something like fr-FR ?10:51
cedkLuminos741: yes fr_FR10:52
Luminos741I get "'module' object has no attribute 'get_proxy'"10:53
Luminos741I think I missed something10:54
Luminos741cedk: In get_proxy, the empty quotes are supposed to be empty ?10:56
cedkLuminos741: you must use the set_xmlrpc instance10:56
Luminos741Ok I see10:57
Luminos741I get an exception10:57
Luminos741My bad, I made a mistake on the password :) Thank you cedk10:58
Luminos741I need help... Again11:04
Luminos741In proteus' doc, I found :11:04
Luminos741>>> Module = Model.get('ir.module.module')11:04
Luminos741>>> (party,) = Module.find([('name', '=', 'party')])11:04
Luminos741>>> Module.button_install([], config.context)11:04
Luminos741>>> Wizard('ir.module.module.install_upgrade').execute('start')11:04
Luminos741I'm trying to install the sale module in my Tryton 2.4.11:05
Luminos741Python says : "AttributeError: type object 'ir.module.module' has no attribute 'button_install''"11:06
cedkLuminos741: it is a bug in the documentation11:12
cedkLuminos741: since 2.4, it is not button_install but just install11:13
Luminos741cedk: Ok11:13
Luminos741cedk: Same kind of error... "AttributeError: type object 'ir.module.module' has no attribute 'install'"11:16
nicoeLuminos741: the name of the method has changed it is 'install' now11:18
cedkACTION the mercurial server runs faster now11:18
Luminos741So I should type "Module.install([], config.context)" no ? That is what I did11:19
nicoeLuminos741: yes11:20
Luminos741When I try this, I get the "AttributeError : type object..."11:20
nicoewhich version are you using ?11:21
Luminos741I'm using 2.411:21
sisalpis there a ged in tryton ?11:27
sisalpged = document management system11:27
cedksisalp: there is webdav11:28
sisalpok thank you11:28
sisalpand caldav ?11:29
cedksisalp: it is for calendar11:31
sisalpcan I share a calendar with thunderbird ?11:31
cedksisalp: no thunderbird doesn't share calendar, Tryton can share calendar11:32
sisalpare you sure about thunderbird ?11:33
cedksisalp: thunderbird is a client not a server11:34
sisalpthunderbird can read/write in tryton calendar ?11:35
cedksisalp: yes11:36
sisalpthank you11:36
sisalpdoes tryton receive mails from parties in some functions11:40
Luminos741Is this code ok :11:44
Luminos741Module = Model.get('ir.module.module')11:45
Luminos741(party,) = Module.find([('name', '=', 'sale')])11:45
Luminos741Module.install([], config.context)11:45
cedkLuminos741: please read:
cedksisalp: what do you mean?11:47
sisalpas openerp does with fetchmail in crm11:50
cedksisalp: no11:51
Luminos741cedk: Doesn't work for me...11:53
grasbauersisalp: but you can write a small module for receiving mails - getting mails from a imap_account and generating request in tryton via cron11:53
grasbauercedk: ping12:36
grasbauerbechamel: ping12:37
bechamelgrasbauer: pong12:45
grasbauerbechamel: do you know why in the setup.nsi-scripts the deinstallation of the former trytonclient is required? Because it would be more comfortable if runnung the setup simply deletes the files in the old client and replace them with the new ones12:47
cedkgrasbauer: to correctly clean stuffs12:48
grasbauercedk: yes - but i think the script itself can do this. It not than important - but it would simplify the rollout of a new version12:50
cedkgrasbauer: I don't think NSIS have such option12:56
grasbauercedk: simply running the uninstall section in case there is already a client installed?12:57
grasbauercedk: I will give it a try12:58
cedkgrasbauer: this is wrong because it is the uninstall of the previously installed that must be run, not the new one12:58
grasbauercedk: that's true ;) - little hicks in the brain ...13:00
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jcavalloHi all, I got a '<ProtocolError for localhost:8000/Test: 500 Internal Server Error>' without any log in the console, any idea where I might start my investigation ? Thanks17:01
bechameljcavallo: the error appears in a gtk popup ?17:03
jcavallobechamel : yes17:03
grasbauerjcavallo: wich action?17:04
grasbauerjcavallo: opening a report?17:04
jcavallograsbauer : I try to click on a 'New' button on a One2Many field17:04
bechameljcavallo: do you start the server with -v to see the errors on the console ?17:07
jcavallobechamel : don't think so, but I already saw errors in the console. I'll try it now17:08
jcavallobechamel : tried it, only thing I got is an 'INFO:rpc.request:model.ins_process.step_desc.fields_view_get'17:10
jcavallobechamel : Find it. I added a 'required' attribute besides a 'states' attribute, and obviously i did not like it17:16
bechameljcavallo: ok17:19
jcavallobechamel : for future use, when does the 'Protocol Error' trigger ? Thank you for your help btw17:20
bechameljcavallo: I think it should never appears, it's strange17:22
jcavallobechamel : That's not the first time I saw it even though I do not remember what were the previous causes.17:24
nicoejcavallo, bechamel: it appears when there is a problem marshalling the data (ie trying to json a browse record) and the error thus not catched by the framework17:25
bechamelnicoe: ok, maybe we should add a try..except around marshalling and re-raise with a better message17:27
lukioI try to add a new button in my example module. But when i click on it, throw me these error "Calling method cancel on model presupuesto.presupuesto is not allowed!"17:55
lukioYou can see my examples modules in paste bin:  and
lukioany idea? thanks!17:56
nicoelukio: The workflow decorator is useless18:07
nicoelukio: does it work when you remove it?18:07
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grasbauerHuii, why in 2.4 invoices of sale.invoice_mthod='shipment' are splittet? I think it wasn't like this in 2.220:07
lukionicoe i remove the lines, but already happen21:32
grasbauerlukio: I don't follow all your questions - but you have a 500 without error_log?21:33
grasbauerlukio: no - that was a problem of an other21:34
lukiograsbauer: lukio: I try to add a new button in my example module. But when i click on it, throw me these error "Calling method cancel on model presupuesto.presupuesto is not allowed!"21:39
lukiolukio: You can see my examples modules in paste bin:  and
grasbauerlukio: should Presupuesto(ModelSQL, ModelView): not be Presupuesto(Workflow,ModelSQL, ModelView):21:39
lukionow i have  Presupuesto(Workflow,ModelSQL, ModelView): and keep throwing the error21:44
grasbauerlukio: you have closed the view of the modle and reloaded the modul?21:46
lukioyes, i close the view, and a I reloaded the server21:48
grasbauerlukio: I don't know if it is the reason- but there is are no transitions defined21:54
grasbauercedk: ping22:09
cedkgrasbauer: pong22:09
grasbauercedk: I' m still thinking about a general question. Case: a Sale with services and goods - if the sale has invoice_method=='shipement' - 2 Invoices are generated. 1 for the services and one if the goods are delivered22:11
grasbauercedk: my customer ask me, why it works like this - he wont the services billed, if the first shipment leaves the warehouse22:12
cedkgrasbauer: because service has no invoice_method22:13
grasbauercedk: he says: if I choose "invoice on shipment" - I mean invoice on shipment22:13
cedkgrasbauer: service are not shipt22:14
grasbauercedk: Yes - but the user understands the field like "everything is invoiced if I send the goods"22:15
cedkgrasbauer: he understand wrong22:15
cedkgrasbauer: what if there is 2 shipments?22:15
grasbauercedk: He wonts the services invoiced, if first shipment goes out22:16
cedkgrasbauer: until there is no tracking of the service being done, you can not delay the invoicing of it22:16
grasbauercedk: what do you mean with tracking if service is done - having a open invoice?22:17
cedkgrasbauer: when do you know the service is delivered to the customer?22:18
grasbauercedk: Never - because there is no indicator for this (we have a custom modul which generates automaticly from such sale)22:20
cedkgrasbauer: so you could track that the work is done for example22:20
grasbauercedk: Yes - I'm thinking about a customization, but first I wanted to talk about the general design of the core22:21
grasbauercedk: So you mean that the expectations of my client are wrong?22:22
grasbauercedk: "Invoice on shipment means everything is billed if I do a shipment"22:24
grasbauercedk: finally it is a bit confusing, because the invoice of the goods needs a action after processing the sale - only services are invoiced without an action22:27
grasbauercedk: I go to think about a custom solution ;) - because I think that cannot be handled by the generic modules22:28
cedkgrasbauer: I think an invoice method for service could be implemented but it will require some thoughts about it22:43
grasbauercedk: the invoice_method is on sale - so its a global for all sale.lines22:44
cedkgrasbauer: yes22:45
grasbauercedk: something like "goods on shipment/services on first shipment"22:46
lukiocedk: can i call a form when i click a button ?22:47
cedkgrasbauer: for example but we should first collect all common cases22:48
grasbauercedk: yes22:48
cedklukio: you mean open a new tab?22:48
lukioi would like to call a form, when i click the cancel button on sales, so the operator can add a comment why is he cancel the sale order.22:48
cedklukio: ok you must use a wizard22:48
cedklukio: and put the wizard action on the button22:49
cedkgrasbauer: perhaps an email on tryton@ will bring more informations22:49
cedklukio: you can look at the shipments as example22:50
lukioso. i define a type = action and put the name of my wizard in the xml button ?22:50
cedklukio: yeps22:50
cedklukio: I want to refactor this for the next version and merge action button with object button22:51
cedkthat will simplify22:52
grasbauercedk: but horrify my next update ;)22:52
lukiocedk: ok. great. thanks for the help/22:52
grasbauercedk: but a lot of things are better now - if nobody told it yet23:00
grasbauercedk: last question for today?23:21
grasbauercedk: why processing of sales now creates a credit_not as default or is one of our modules causing this?23:22

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