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grasbaueranybody knows why on processing sales also shipment_return an out_credit_not is created?00:43
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cedkalbertca: the catalan mailing is created on gmane11:32
cedkalbertca: have you an archive of the emails already sent on it?11:33
grasbauerACTION ¡Visca Catalunya!11:34
cedkor any one else on groups-ca?11:48
cedkI need a mbox archive11:48
rhubnerhi nicoe14:09
rhubnernicoe: recently I can't see the modules that I get in trytond/modules/ using hg14:10
rhubnernicoe: has something changed? What does I have to do to view them in Administration->Modules->Modules and mark them for install?14:14
rhubnerhi cedk! Do you know anything about this?14:18
guyvdb_Hi, I am trying out trytond for the first time. I have pulled using hg. I cannot find any modules14:51
bechamelguyvdb_: did you follow ?14:54
nicoerhubner: strange you should see them14:54
nicoeguyvdb_: is trytond/modules filled with modules ?14:54
guyvdb_no just __init__14:55
cedkrhubner: you must make an update14:55
guyvdb_you mean a pull?14:55
cedkguyvdb_: you must clone wanted modules from
guyvdb_ok thx14:56
rhubnercedk: I didn't understand... Where do I have to do the update?14:57
guyvdb_I have been reading a bit about tryton.. have also been evaluating openerp. Tryron site says mrp is in progress. what is the status of that?14:57
cedkrhubner: you can simply run: trytond -d <DB> -u all14:59
cedkguyvdb_: it is in staging for inclusion in 2.414:59
guyvdb_another question. It trytond using json for RPC? where can I read about intergration with http calles15:00
cedkguyvdb_: don't understand15:01
guyvdb_What is the web service layer? How do you talk to trytond without the client... ie from another system15:01
bechamelguyvdb_: tryton use json rpc calls over http15:03
rhubnercedk: ok! it works...15:04
cedkguyvdb_: see
rhubnercedk: I'm with a difficulty in my project... To build the GUI I'll slip data using gtkScale15:06
guyvdb_cedk thx15:06
rhubnercedk: But I don't know which widget to use to enter data... Could it be the GtkTreeView widget?15:07
cedkrhubner: to enter which data?15:08
guyvdb_a couple more questions: what is neso and proteus in the 2.4 staging area?15:08
rhubnercedk: the data from history tables15:08
cedkrhubner: just update the form15:09
bechamelguyvdb_: neso is a standlone version of tryton, IE tryton server and client stucked together and use sqlite as db15:09
nicoerhubner: Every write you make will create extra data so just change something15:10
bechamelso no more client or server15:10
guyvdb_and proteus?15:10
bechamelguyvdb_: and proteus is a scripting solution for tryton15:11
rhubnercedk,nicoe: Because I don't know what the other widget I could use to display data in "time x date"15:11
guyvdb_k thx15:11
bechamelguyvdb_: you can connect to remote server with it and it provides an active-record api15:11
nicoerhubner: why would you want to display other data15:12
bechamelguyvdb_: a client cli15:12
guyvdb_that is nice..15:12
bechamelguyvdb_: like oersted for openerp :D15:14
guyvdb_I don't really know oersted or openerp for that matter.. just starting investigate now... have had openerp setup for a few days, wrote a module... now looking at at tryton15:15
rhubnernicoe: It's taking me to understand how to work the presentation of data...15:15
nicoerhubner: What I think the presentation of the data should be is:15:16
nicoegtk.Entry | gtk.Scale15:17
bechamelguyvdb_: this may help you
nicoethe entry having the date15:17
guyvdb_yea i read through that already... seems pretty straight forward but I will go back over it once I start to implement :)15:17
guyvdb_is the module ir & res part of the core?15:22
cedkguyvdb_: yes15:27
floxthis is in module 'base' (openerp/addons/base/ir/...)15:27
cedkflox: yes but a lot smaller15:29
floxoops, I'm not in openobject channel :)15:29
guyvdb_what is the initial login admin/admin ?15:32
cedkguyvdb_: depends of what you setup when creating the database15:34
guyvdb_ok got it ... not the pg login... admin/admin worked15:35
guyvdb_ok ... it is up and running :) thx for help so far15:36
rhubnernicoe: gtkEntry? but the only think that it show is date in gtkEntry?15:43
nicoerhubner: an entry or a label to display the date related to the gtk.Span15:49
cedknicoe, rhubner: An Entry is better like that it is possible to enter the right date without the need to slice precisly15:50
cedkand even better to use the common/ to have shortcuts etc.15:50
rhubnernicoe: each record must contain a widget to inform changes (history) or should I create a module that will show the changes of all records?15:54
rhubnernicoe: When it open a record, should be shown the history of changes in a widget?15:56
nicoerhubner: when you open a record, you show the current version15:56
nicoewhen you use the scale (or the entry) to go back in time you show the record as it was at that time15:56
rhubnernicoe: So I'll have to change the data in the form itself when I change the scale or click on another date in GtkEntry?15:59
cedkrhubner: yes and set the form in readonly16:00
rhubnerOwwww! NOW I understand :)16:01
rhubnercedk: All forms must have this feature?16:05
cedkrhubner: only Model that has _history16:06
guyvdb_How is the connection speed if the server is in the cloud? Is the client quite responsive? Is there a web client yet?16:07
nicoeguyvdb_: which kind of cloud cumulo-nimbus ? ;)16:08
guyvdb_:) e2c :)16:08
guyvdb_err  ec216:09
cedkguyvdb_: B2CK has his trytond instance on a datacenter and we work with it16:09
cedkguyvdb_: but it will mainly depend of your bandwith and latency16:10
guyvdb_is there a way to print the chart of account?16:11
cedkguyvdb_: you can do a copy/paste if you want16:12
cedkguyvdb_: or there is some reports depending on what you want16:12
cedkguyvdb_: indeed the copy/paste works for any list/tree16:14
guyvdb_ok copy/paste looks good :)16:16
guyvdb_I have added more modules to the modules directory but they do not show up in the modules tree in the client after restarting both... do i need to refresh the list some how?16:31
cedkguyvdb_: update the database16:32
guyvdb_ahh got it from above:  trytond -d <DB> -u all is that right16:33
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guyvdb_In Admin > UI > Icons what is the path relative to? None of my UI icons are showing up16:41
cedkguyvdb_: you probably miss librsvg16:44
guyvdb_nope librsvg2-2 is installed16:45
guyvdb_ahh installed librsvg2-dev and they are now there16:47
guyvdb_Got to go.. cedk thx for your help. chat soo17:10
grasbauercan anybody point me to the script where in the context of invoice_line 'standalone' is set - i can't find it in account_invoice nor in account_invoice_line_standalone ...17:16
cedkgrasbauer: I think it is in purchase_invoice_line_standalone17:19
grasbauer1puhh - hg review uploads all the module  - not only the change. wiki says "don't commit before"22:50

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