IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2012-06-03 #tryton log beginning Sun Jun 3 00:00:01 CEST 2012
cedkcjbarnes18: why not but you could find it too strict with transaction00:06
cjbarnes18cedk: what would you suggest?00:07
cedkcjbarnes18: what do you want to do?00:09
cjbarnes18cedk: I am tryting to provide a web ui to tryton users for one of my models.00:10
cjbarnes18cedk: my current thinking is to store a config object for each session to maintain state for each user.00:11
cedkcjbarnes18: just one or you want to provide a full feature?00:11
cjbarnes18cedk: just one, more late but not full ui.00:12
cedkcjbarnes18: I recently wrote a flask app to expose some data of our Tryton to customer00:13
cedkcjbarnes18: I wrote a howto on wiki:
cjbarnes18cedk: thanks, I shall take a look.00:14
cjbarnes18cedk: so you would recommend working with trytond directly without proteus.  Are you aware of any larger examples that maybe implement authentication that I could take a look at?00:21
cedkcjbarnes18: I did not setup authentication via Tryton00:23
cedkcjbarnes18: but I use flask-login for that and it is quite simple00:23
cjbarnes18cedk: did that require a seporate acl?00:25
cedkcjbarnes18: don't understand00:26
cjbarnes18cedk: did that require a seporate user list for flask-login?00:27
cedkcjbarnes18: you do what you want00:30
cjbarnes18cedk: thank you for your time.00:32
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