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sharoonthomasgrasbauer: ping13:50
grasbauersharoonthomas: pong13:53
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: was looking at
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: do you use the module in production ?13:54
grasbauersharoonthomas: I think there are changes - but in general we are develepoping a project, which is using this approach13:55
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: how do you handle price variations on variants ?13:56
grasbauersharoonthomas: this is not handled by the main module - we have a second module, which handles different prices for customergroups and special offers for variants. but we are thinking about the posibilities to include this in the module product_variant13:58
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: are you thinking of adding some extra property field on `product.product` which will also affect `get_sale_price` ?13:59
grasbauersharoonthomas: in our second module we have converted list_price to a function field - it depends of a lot of context14:01
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: so you added list_price to 'product.product' ?14:02
grasbauersharoonthomas: wait - I'll take a look14:03
grasbauersharoonthomas: it's in a very early stage - but yes14:05
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: thank you so much, is cedk planning to include the module in std list ?14:06
grasbauersharoonthomas: don't know14:06
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: would you be interested if I fork the project and add the feature of list price (like you have implemented) to this module ?14:07
grasbauersharoonthomas: the second module is handling gross price - it's for selling products in online shops14:07
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: coincidence, :) its the same purpose here14:07
grasbauersharoonthomas: so we are generating final sale prices in reverse engeneering gross_prices omitted from an online cart14:09
grasbauersharoonthomas: we discussed this approach already here in irc - and there where a lot of cons aginst this ...14:10
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: let me google the logs14:10
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: is this the conversation ?
grasbauersharoonthomas: no - don't know french14:12
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: same here :P14:12
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grasbauersharoonthomas: the most important con was a  possible rounding error - but ' i don't think that it is an issue14:13
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: may be it would be better just to have an extra property field (probably variant_price_difference) which the price list could then worry about ?14:14
sharoonthomasdoes anybody remember the cons or the link to the discussion ?14:15
grasbauersharoonthomas: yes - why not. and having a custom get_sale_price can handle a lot of stuff ...14:16
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: i think that would be the fastest and flexible way to go14:16
grasbauersharoonthomas: we do it like this: we have a customer in context with his own tax rules or we take the customer_taxes_used from product14:18
grasbauersharoonthomas: in short: we added a field net_price to the template - and list_price now is a function which depends on the context ....14:20
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: interesting14:20
grasbauersharoonthomas: net_price in general without a context has the former function of list price: no context means that list_price == net_price14:22
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: ok14:22
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: did u get a chance to look at nereid ? we have published some documentation too14:22
grasbauersharoonthomas: yes - looks good. and we discussed this here in a meeting14:24
grasbauersharoonthomas: there ar people whos says: "Let Tryton be the ERP and let the CMS be CMS" and some ist prefering your approach to have more functions of a cms handy in tryton14:26
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: well there will always be two schools of thought, but having integrated different s/w with openerp/tryton I prefer the approach we took with nereid, but of course a lot of people may not agree14:27
grasbauersharoonthomas: this is a bit like talking about religion ;)14:28
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: true :D14:28
grasbauersharoonthomas: one point is, that we have already done a lot of stuff in the cms - and now we need to translate it to tryton14:30
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: ok14:30
grasbauersharoonthomas: all the stuff with SEO, permissions, moving content etc is already present in the cms14:31
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: wow, that should be quite some work… we have a simple cms module for nereid, just the plain basic stuff14:31
grasbauersharoonthomas: yes - the cms is the result of 3 years serving clients14:32
grasbauersharoonthomas: but anyway - it would be nice to have the price variants in the main module pf product_variant14:37
grasbauersharoonthomas: I think it is not to complicated14:38
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: will try our best, you can think of merging it if you find it ok14:40
grasbauersharoonthomas: you gonna make a fork?14:41
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: yep, will send you a pull request once we make the changes we do14:41
grasbauersharoonthomas: nice! you are welcome!14:42
grasbauersharoonthomas: the repository on bitbucket is not up2date - because we have a second internal repository14:47
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: i thought so because the version says the 2.3 dev version14:47
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: will you be updating the public repo or is the code internal to your org ?14:49
grasbauersharoonthomas: no - it is only because internally we are using subversion - i will push the current stage to bitbucket14:50
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: thanks14:52
grasbauersharoonthomas: I pushed it - don't know if it is stable - but there are the changes for 2.4.14:57
sharoonthomasgrasbauer: thanks, will fork again14:57
byte4ngood night23:01
byte4ndoes ant body knows if there is any connector to  magento or opencart?23:14
cedkbyte4n: I'm wondering if Openlabs did not write one23:15
byte4ncedk: thks iwould search in this way, any experience before?¿23:16
cedkbyte4n: but they just release nereid which should be a full CMS integrated in Tryton23:18
cedkbyte4n: so normally it should come with an ecommerce23:18
byte4ncedk: interesting, any recomended link?23:19
byte4ncedk: thks a lot23:23

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