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kernelhi all15:39
chunI have tryton setup on box A, which seemed to be running fine. I am now trying to use box B in the same local network to connect to trytond, but i am getting stuck:(15:41
chuni can connect to the database on box A from box B with psql15:42
chunand i can telnet into port 8070 of box A from box B15:42
chunhope this make sense... would love to know where i am missing..:(15:43
chunwhen i fire up tryton client, next to the database field, it just says "could not connect to the server"15:44
chuni am not sure if that means the psql part, or trytond part..15:44
cedkchun: tryton can not connect to trytond15:46
chuncedk: and tryton-client?15:50
chunthey are the same, i just found..15:50
chuncedk: so what should i be using to connect to trytond running on box A?15:51
cedkchun: tryton15:51
cedkchun: by the way, recent trytond listen on 800016:00
chuncedk: thanks, tho i am a bit confused16:08
chun14:46 < cedk> chun: tryton can not connect to trytond16:09
chuncedk: and i should still use tryton on box B for connecting to box A?16:09
chuncedk: is there a option on trytond.conf that i need to enable for accepting connection from outside?16:11
cedkchun: by default trytond listen on localhost, you must change to
chuncedk: ok, let me have a look16:12
chuncedk: is it the netrpc setting?16:13
cedkchun: yes if you have an old version16:17
chuncedk: i have 1.6.116:18
chungiven current version is 2.4, i guess mine is *old*16:21
chuncedk: in the netrpc section of the conf file, i don't see where i could put
chuncedk: or should it just be *:8070?16:29
cedkchun: with *:8070, it will listen on ipv6 if actives16:32
cedkchun: or, it will listen on ipv416:32
chuncedk: ok, thx, let me give it a try16:33
chuncedk: ok, so, with *: and, i can't connect within box A anymore, and connecting from box B doesn't work either:(16:36
chuncedk: what is jsonrpc?16:51
chuncedk: oops, ok, thx;)16:54
chuncedk: aha....17:15
chuncedk: so i was trying to connect tryton 2.2.1 to 1.6.117:15
chuncedk: now that i have made both of them the same version, all works now17:15
chuncedk: thanks for your help in any case17:16
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