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grek3241Hello, how can I handle results with mor than 1 result, like   (customer,)=Party.find([('name','=','Mueller')])10:00
grek3241If more than 1 result there is an "ValueError: too many values to unpack"10:01
cedkgrek3241: customers = Party.find(...)10:10
grek3241cedk: grand merci10:23
grek3241I creaded a sale with tryton 2.0, and after making shipment invoice was created, but I can't open shipment now:
grek3241*can't open invoice* not shipment...10:48
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lukiohello, i'm having a problem with on_change_with20:30
lukioi put my code in pastebin,, u can check it at:
lukioi'm not getting the field One2Many (sale_id) so i can't update other field.20:32
cedklukio: you must add sale_id to depends20:33
cedklukio: by the way, using _id as suffix for m2o is not very good20:34
lukiocedk: thank you!20:37
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