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tray_aaI've got trytond running 2.4, trying to create a db for use.  I have specified postgresql as db10:11
tray_aabut in the form entered via File, New Database,10:11
tray_aathe create db button is greyed out.  I think because of the language selection is also greyed out.10:12
cedktray_aa: it is often because the client can not connect to the server10:40
tray_aathanks cedk, the problem was the server connection was pointing to the demo server.  Simple solution.12:50
tray_aaset to localhost12:51
grek3241what is the best way to see sale statistics, I want to see how often a article is saled... but moves are not nice for this because you cant see there customer or sale15:42
cedkgrek3241: use the sale lines15:43
grek3241cedk: where can I found? I use now 2.415:44
cedkgrek3241: what?15:44
grek3241cedk: cant find sale lines15:45
cedkgrek3241: they are stored in the table sale_line15:49
grek3241cedk: ok, I searched in Client15:50
grek3241cedk: thx15:50
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