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sampacHi! Does anybody know if it is possible to embed a form from a Many2One and how ? More clearly: object A has a Many2One on object B. On the form displaying object A fields I want to display also the fields of object B18:02
cedksampac: you can use a Function field of One2Many18:16
cedksampac: or your Model must inherits of B18:16
coepshi all, first question: whats the sense of Decimal?20:22
coepsin comparison to float20:22
coepsor Numeric20:23
coeps sorry, its a python Decimal20:30
coepssecond, more interesting question:20:30
coepsI am playing around with the invoice module and had a look at the getters, i.e. def get_untaxed_amount(self, ids, name):20:32
coepswith some print statements it seems, that all the ids of incoices are given (lets say n) and for each n, m lines have to be put on res.20:33
coepsbut the user is working on one invoice with (n = 1) and m = the amount of lines.20:34
coepsFrom my understanding the calculation for one field has a linear growth with the amount of invoices and invoices.lines.20:35
coepsIs my understanding correct? Whats when you create a few thousand invoices a year?20:35
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lukiohello, i would like to create a selection field from values of my sale. but, the problem is that i'm in a wizard and i don't understand how to know my active_ids23:09
lukiomy paste bin >
lukiothanks in advance23:10
lukiomy code is creating a wizard to ask some stuff when the user click the button "confirm"23:10

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