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lukiohello, i'm adding a selection field into my model (extending Sale). It is possible to set the options of my selection field depending on other values ​​of my sale?17:42
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newzenhello, do you include size and color on products?19:07
lukiohello, how can I modify a line of a sale at state='quotation' , using on_change function?20:12
lukiothese is the error i seeing : *** InternalError: cannot execute UPDATE in a read-only transaction20:13
lukiohi, finally i resolve it. I modified at transition to 'confirmed'.20:51
luc_Hi, I have a question: when I make an invoice, the accounts entrys are updated automatically or not?22:00
cedkluc_: yes the system create an account move22:01
luc_mmm that's not working. Ok Thanks! I'll check it22:02
cedkluc_: you must open the invoice22:03
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coepsHi all, I ask a question again, I was asking yesterday because I think its interesting22:31
coepsI am playing around with the invoice module and had a look at the getters, i.e. def get_untaxed_amount(self, ids, name):22:31
coepswith some print statements it seems, that all the ids of invoices are given (lets say n) and for each n, m lines have to be put on res.22:31
coepsso every object n with all children m has to be iterated over, event thought only one invoice n is worked on.22:32
coepsFrom my understanding the calculation for one field has a linear growth with the amount of invoices and invoices.lines.22:33
coepsWhen I create thousands of invoices with hundreds of lines, every time I change a functionfield, all of them are computed22:33
coepsIsn't that a performanceproblem at some point?22:34

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