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luc_Hi, i have a question, I was reading the documentation but there is not answer there. How can I link a Button to a Python function?03:21
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lukiohello, I create a field into my Product model, and I only want to see it, when my category of the product is 'TERCEROS', but I don't understand how to ask it using PYSON. any idea? thanks! my pastebin ->
cedklukio: Eval('category') will return the id not the name17:49
cedklukio: so you must convert 'TERCEROS' into an id17:49
cedklukio: you can use the PYSON.Id if the category is created via XML17:49
lukiook. first i have to create the category TERCEROS, and then, check how to ask it using the function Id()18:51
lukiodo u have any example of creating the category TERCEROS using xml ?18:52
cedklukio: no but it is like any record18:53
lukiook, now i create a my category using XML ->
lukiohow do i ask for my category using the function Id() ?19:29
lukioI wrote this --->>  'invisible': Eval('category').in_([Id('product.category', 'cat_terceros')]),  but throws me an error -->>
lukiocedk: ?19:39
cedklukio: it must be: Id(<module name>, <xml id>)19:58
lukiocedk: I read the doc, and I didn't think the first argument must be the module name where it's defined the xml.20:25
cedklukio: it is
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