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scrapperhello folks, I talk about class Line in /module/account/ right now its not possible to modify a reconciled line in account module. this is GOOD. But if someone only wants to add a "Tax" to a Line, without changing the "Line" itself. Wouldn't it be good to make this possible? I am a very poor beginner in financials and tryton. this is why i ask you. Right now I have fixed this for myself by excluding the "if line.reconcilation"-Check in abou12:19
scrappert line ~1088 in tryton Version 2.2.012:20
scrapperi know this is a dirty fix, so i must remember that I am not allowed to modify reconciled lines. -> But the dirty fix helps me to add a Tax to a reconciled Line - when I forgot to add it in the first run. 12:15:40 PM12:20
scrapperthe moves itself stay untouched. what do you think about it?12:20
cedkscrapper: I think it is a rare case, so you could unreconcile, add the tax line, reconcile12:23
Timitosscrapper: did you already post the move? or is it only reconciled?12:23
scrapperTimitos: it is in the only reconciled.12:24
scrapperTimitos: still in draft mode - but reconciled.12:24
scrapperTimitos: so unchangeable already.12:24
Timitosscrapper: you can fix it by following the recommendation of cedk12:25
scrapperTimitos: yes sure. its possible to unreconcile. now i understand. Will remember that for the future. but my dirty fix is faster now. thx12:27
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rhubnernicoe: hi19:33
rhubnernicoe: what is the correct date do I have to take in the historical table?19:33
rhubnernicoe: because the oldest date is "create_date" and each update have been "write_date"19:35
rhubnernicoe: do i have to handle both date in each case?19:36
rhubnernicoe: ping20:43
cedkrhubner: both20:44
rhubnerhi cedk20:44
rhubnercedk: ok ... it's already work...20:45
rhubnernicoe: My question now is the context of records...20:46
rhubnercedk: ...20:46
rhubnercedk: I also dont know how i must set context to change data records...20:48
cedkrhubner: don't know neither exactly but as I said to nicoe, for me the timeline works on all the screen20:50
cedkrhubner: so it should behaves like if it reload the screen and set the right date in the context20:51
rhubnercedk: should it be called in rpc.execute()? do I have to do a method on the server side to receive the correct date and inform the new context?20:51
cedkrhubner: no20:53
rhubnercedk: this is the problem... how do I define in the context the correct date? how do it this call?20:53
cedkrhubner: just set the context at the screen level20:53
rhubnercedk: is there a example?20:56
cedkrhubner: no20:56
cedkrhubner: because it is a new functionnality20:56
rhubnercedk: ... is ti by the rpc.execute? I have no ideas...20:58
cedkrhubner: there is a context on Screen which is passed to Group21:00
cedkrhubner: so this one should be changed21:00
cedkACTION bbl21:04
rhubnercedk: I'll try something...21:05

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