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sharoonthomascan someone explain to me the idea behind the project_plan module and how the leveling is supposed to be used ?08:44
cedksharoonthomas: indeed with the current UI, it is quite complicated09:33
cedksharoonthomas: but leveling is about fixing overscheduling of employees09:34
sharoonthomascedk: ok, and can you explain the date time fields please ?09:34
cedksharoonthomas: it is the datetime for Gantt charts09:39
sharoonthomascedk: constraint_x_time is like the time within which the task *MUST* be started and stopped ?09:40
cedksharoonthomas: those are computed by the leveling09:45
sharoonthomascedk: the leveling distributes the task across the allocated employees ?09:46
cedksharoonthomas: in some way09:48
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rhubnerHi nicoe16:03
nicoerhubner: hello16:06
rhubnernicoe: I finished the operation of the widget...16:07
nicoerhubner: I saw the codereview16:07
nicoerhubner: I'll check them late today16:07
rhubnernicoe: while the code is revised, I would like to talk now about the visual16:08
rhubnernicoe: ok..16:08
nicoerhubner: yes16:08
nicoerhubner: according to me there will be a lot of edit in a short time span and the record won't be changed before long16:09
nicoerhubner: so I think that evenly putting steps in the gtk.Scale is not right16:09
rhubnernicoe: I gree16:10
nicoerhubner: I think that on top of it we should have a visual representation of the changes, and moving the scale would zoom in some period of time16:10
nicoerhubner: but this is difficult :D16:10
rhubnernicoe: I studied something about goocanvas... But I found it difficult to start something from scratch16:11
nicoerhubner: we need a way to visualy make this obvious16:13
rhubnernicoe: the closest examples I found, are the sound and video editing... those bars that has to make cuts, do you know?16:13
rhubnernicoe: I also thought about using "graphviz", but I do not know if I can manipulate the graph with events16:17
nicoerhubner: I doubt you can16:18
cedkfor me, a good solution will be to have an infinite Scale16:18
nicoerhubner: bechamel proposed something like
nicoerhubner, cedk: I think we can have both16:18
rhubnercedk: infinite scale?16:19
cedkrhubner: yes a scale that put the cursor in the midle and double the size when you reach a border16:20
cedkbut I'm thinking about inifite scale that just move the value left-right and why not using the scroll-wheel for the scale16:21
rhubnerI could limit the amount of data on the scale and when the cursor arrived at the bound, the scale was rebuilt into new data16:25
rhubnerwhat do you think?16:25
cedkrhubner: which data ?16:26
rhubnercedk: rather than being infinite, I recreate the information on the scale every time it reached in the limit16:28
rhubnerdata = timeline scale data16:29
rhubnercedk nicoe: the problem of all is that to solve the problem... but it will not be "beautiful"16:31
cedkrhubner: I don't understand which data?16:32
cedkrhubner: a timeline doesn't have any data16:32
rhubnercedk: I mean "dates" in scale16:33
cedkrhubner: it is a continuous scale16:34
lukiohello, i'm getting the error "<ProtocolError for localhost:8000/test: 500 Internal Server Error>" when i execute a report.16:39
rhubnercedk: continuous but it could limit the number of dates and have buttons that show historic recent and recent16:40
rhubnercedk: did you understand?16:40
lukioWhen i execute tryton with -v it show this log ->, '02af0775bfe145a68cf5180410d03ccd', [29], {'model': '', 'id': 29, 'ids': [29]}, {'direct_print': True, 'language': 'es_AR', 'locale': {'date': '%d/%m/%Y', 'thousands_sep': '.', 'grouping': [3, 3, 0], 'decimal_point': ','}, 'language_direction': 'ltr', 'company.rec_name': 'ferrograf', 'email': {'subject': 'Orden de Terceros'},16:40
lukio 'email_print': False, 'groups': [5, 6, 1, 3, 4, 2, 13, 12, 10, 11, 8, 7, 9], 'employee': None, 'timezone': None, 'company': 1})16:40
lukioany idea? thanks16:40
rhubnercedk: recent and past*16:42
rhubnercedk nicoe: I will make a mockup to examplify, is it help or do you have more ideas?16:43
cedkrhubner: no need to limit the number of dates16:52
cedklukio: it is possible that your wizard return a BrowseRecord16:53
lukiocedk: my xml have this lines ->16:56
lukio       <record model="" id="report_sale_imprenta_terceros">16:56
lukio           <field name="name">Orden de Terceros</field>16:56
lukio           <field name="report_name">sale.orden_terceros</field>16:56
lukio           <field name="model"></field>16:56
lukio           <field name="report">sale_imprenta/orden_terceros.odt</field>16:56
lukio           <field name="style">sale_imprenta/header_A4.odt</field>16:56
lukio           <field name="template_extension">odt</field>16:56
lukio           <field name="extension">pdf</field>16:56
lukio           <field name="active" eval="True"/>16:57
lukio       </record>16:57
lukio                                                                                16:57
lukio        <record model="ir.action.keyword" id="report_sale_imprenta_terceros_keyword">16:57
lukio            <field name="keyword">form_print</field>16:57
lukio            <field name="model">,-1</field>16:57
lukio            <field name="action" ref="report_sale_imprenta_terceros"/>16:57
lukio        </record>16:57
cedklukio: *don't copy/past in chan !*16:57
lukiocedk: sorry. :(16:58
cedklukio: ok it is a report, so probably an invalid template16:58
rhubnercedk nicoe:
nicoerhubner: go ahead with a mockup17:00
rhubnernicoe: look at it17:00
rhubnercedk nicoe: every time the button [<] is clicked are shown more (6.7,?) earlier dates. Both the forward and backward button could be active or not if there are more dates to show.17:04
nicoerhubner: why don't you do it automatically once you're at the start or the end of the scale ?17:05
rhubnernicoe: it can too... the problem is how to represent the current time. Is checkbox is enough?17:08
nicoerhubner: you mean the selected time ? or the 'today' time ?17:09
rhubnernicoe: today time... imagine if you go past a lot of history dates. the way it is now, the date of "today" is the far right. The user will take to get there again.17:13
rhubnernicoe: A "link" would help it get the current date again.17:13
rhubnernicoe: look at:
rhubnernicoe: [Current Date] is a buttom17:16
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cedkrhubner: I think the widget is far from being the primary subject17:20
cedkrhubner: first get the history browsing works17:21
cedkrhubner: you can put a simple datetime widget at first17:21
cedkI'm pretty sure the Scale/Datetime will change a lot over time before having a nice one17:21
cedkbut we have first to see if it is working etc.17:21
lukiocedk: i forget to declare the model of the report_name in my .py so it can have the companyreport17:27
lukiocedk: that was the problem17:27
rhubnercedk nicoe: i have lunch now... i'll back in some minutes...17:30
rhubnercedk: the browsing of date history it already works17:32
rhubnercedk: I managed to finish at the end of the day yesterday... only needs reviews17:33
rhubnernicoe: what did you think the buttom "today" and automatically cursor on scale?18:00
nicoerhubner: I saw your example, it looks ok18:01
rhubnernicoe: I can be working on these changes...18:02
nicoerhubner: But I would consider to idea of cedk that moving the cursor at the end/beginning of the scale changes the timeframe18:02
rhubnernicoe: ok .. but this is what I proposed + button to display the current data, for ease of use18:05
nicoerhubner: OK then go for it18:06
rhubnernicoe: but it would be interesting to have some information before or after the scale to alert the user that there are more dates to be seen beyond those shown.18:07
rhubnernicoe: so I suggested the [<] and [>]. Its can be disabled if there are no more. It's just a suggestion18:09
nicoerhubner: maybe this is cosmetic18:15
cedkrhubner: there will be always a date before a date18:18
rhubnernicoe cedk: I understood :) The last date in scale becomes the first when reloaded?18:25
rhubnercedk nicoe: thanks for ideas... later I'll continue the job18:34
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