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yangoon1cedk: I see you are releasing today10:16
yangoon1cedk: stock_split and stock_lot?10:16
yangoon1what about production? there was no call so far for translation, or I missed it?10:16
yangoon1cedk: would be good anyway to mark releases in the calendar10:17
cedkyangoon1: don't know yet which modules I will have time to release10:19
cedkyangoon: production was also to translate:
cedkyangoon: for calendar, I don't want to be under pression to make such release10:25
cedkyangoon: release was announced one month in advance but yes I'm 1 month late but it doesn't change anything10:25
yangooncedk: ok, strange, must have missed half of the mail...10:33
cedkyangoon: do you need some time to translate production ?10:36
yangooncedk: if you can I will try today10:36
cedkyangoon: ok, any way after each release I have to adapt the module to 2.510:40
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yangooncedk: done12:50
yangooncedk: I don't know if jordi was already done with translation12:51
yangoonat least es_ES.po in production isnot declared12:52
yangoonand ca_ES is in, but not translated further12:53
cedkyangoon: don't understand for me everything is ok13:04
cedkyangoon: ok it was stock_supply_production13:06
shomonhow is tryton import/export working?15:55
shomonI have a link from 2010 saying it can't import what it exports15:55
shomonmy problem is I have it set up on one computer and want to be able to deploy quickly to another in production15:55
shomonis anyone doing this kind of thing?15:55
cedkshomon: yes we write the configuration using a proteus script16:00
bechamelshomon: possible solutions: 1) dump & restore the db, 2) do it programatically with proteus (or import trytond directly)16:00
__efx__Hi, I try to create a module following the tutorial on the wiki on The module created only shows up on newly created database but not on existing one.. How to update the list of module so that the helloworld module will show up ?16:04
shomonexcellent bechamel and cedk - is there a tutorial or some info somewhere?16:05
shomonI'd just dump and restore I think.. Unless I was just exporting little bits of it like for import into a spreadsheet16:05
cedk__efx__: you must update the database16:08
cedkshomon: there are example of proteus usage on proteus README16:08
__efx__cedk: how can I do that ? With proteus ?16:09
shomonso there should be a readme somewhere..16:09
__efx__cedk: ok sorry I found it16:09
__efx__cedk: thank you16:10
shomonhow do I get proteus?16:21
cedkshomon: pip install proteus16:22
shomonta v much16:23
shomoncan I pip install any tryton module?16:23
cedkshomon: yes16:24
shomonhow do I get a list cedk ? is it just the page at
zodman_hello dudes21:03
zodman_who is the developer of vatnumber ?21:03
zodman_i have a patch
zodman_upps i not seen the ced comment21:04
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shomonmy trytond.conf says json is on localhost:8070. do I need to change localhost to "external IP address"?23:59

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