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zodman_shomon bind to
zodman_to bind to all inteface and get access to external00:09
shomonI see00:11
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rhubnernicoe: Hi!15:41
nicoerhubner: I'll be available in a few minutes15:42
rhubnernicoe: ok :)15:43
nicoerhubner: back16:35
rhubnernicoe: hei16:58
rhubnernicoe: i am changing the scale like as pagination17:00
nicoerhubner: good17:04
nicoerhubner: do you have some examples for us ?17:04
rhubnernicoe: so, before i get the number of pages then everytime that cursor of scale arrives in border load a new page of scale17:04
rhubnernicoe: I will send in codereview some changes until tomorrow, ok?17:05
nicoerhubner: ok17:06
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zodmandudes from a invoice report22:16
zodmani want the party delivery address22:17
zodmanhow get it ?22:17
zodman<for each="line in"> and then ?¿22:17

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