IRC logs of #tryton for Friday, 2012-08-03 #tryton log beginning Fri Aug 3 00:00:02 CEST 2012
shomonin absence of a trytond.conf, how do I set json to go to
shomonat least, I can't find it :(12:44
shomoncedk, thanks, but...14:38
shomondoes that mean remove tyton, then do this patch, then reinstall?14:38
shomonI'm installing from pip so no exists until I do pip install  trytond_health_profile14:43
-!- cristatus(~amit@ has left #tryton14:56
cedkshomon: no the patch is wrong15:06
shomonhi cedk - thanks for the info before.. Is there another way to just write a conf somewhere maybe??22:35
shomondoes anyone know how to solve the problem in where a trytond.conf is not written?23:30
shomonI'm stuck serving only to localhost :S23:30

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