IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2012-08-04 #tryton log beginning Sat Aug 4 00:00:02 CEST 2012
2012-08-04 05:07 <asarch> What is the default user name and password?
2012-08-04 12:36 <adeb600> hi how ca i have tryton server 2.4 running on ubuntu 12.04 lts server . how do i connect on windows using the tryton windows client 2.4 over lan
2012-08-04 13:05 <cedk> adeb600:
2012-08-04 13:06 <cedk> adeb600: they did not yet package 2.4, so you should make a request to Ubuntu
2012-08-04 13:08 <cedk> adeb600: or you can go from source and follow the standard way to install Python packages
2012-08-04 13:08 <cedk> adeb600:
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2012-08-04 13:15 <adeb600> cedk : i have tryton running on the ubuntu server and i can connect to it using the tryton client on the same system .however i need to use it from a tryton client resident on windown. gives me could not connect to server error using the the server ip address as hostname
2012-08-04 13:16 <cedk> adeb600: you must configure trytond to listen on external ip
2012-08-04 13:20 <adeb600> how do i do that?
2012-08-04 13:20 <adeb600> cedk: how do i do that?
2012-08-04 13:21 <cedk> adeb600: edit the trytond.conf
2012-08-04 13:26 <adeb600> cedk: i can located the trytond.conf file but what exactly im i going to change to enable trytond listen to external ip?
2012-08-04 13:27 <cedk> adeb600: jsonrpc to use *:8000 or
2012-08-04 13:36 <adeb600> cedk:i only found trytond.conf in my downloaded trytond folder does this imply ill have to reinstall tryton server after making changes to the trytond.conf file
2012-08-04 13:58 <cedk> adeb600: no, you just have to specify the configuration path
2012-08-04 13:58 <cedk> adeb600: it is just the standard UNIX way
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2012-08-04 19:33 <shomon> I asked this yesterday but got disconnected:
2012-08-04 19:33 <shomon> does anyone know how to solve the problem in where a trytond.conf is not written?
2012-08-04 19:33 <shomon> there is a patch there which cedk says wouldn't work. I used pip install to install anyway so I wouldn't know how to fix it
2012-08-04 19:56 <shomon> another explanation of the problem is that the installation didn't come with a trytond.conf. Can I just make one? Or can I follow some process to feed it config values?

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