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LinkmasterCould I have a little help understanding this bit?04:40
plantianLinkmaster: Hi, it might be that you don't have your python C headers installed (Python.h) usually they are separate from your python package, something like python-dev or python-devel.04:44
LinkmasterAhh...that would make sense now. I thought I pulled all of python ages ago, must not have04:45
plantianLinkmaster: You can run python without it, it is just needed for compiling C extensions for python packages.04:46
LinkmasterThank you for telling me that!04:46
LinkmasterACTION goes off to install python-dev now04:46
plantianLinkmaster: No problem, glad I could help.04:48
Linkmasterplantian: I installed the python-dev files, and this issue is still coming up:
plantianLinkmaster: You might need to install libxml-devel04:55
plantianOr something to that affect, check and see what options there are for libxml2 and libxslt, you probably need their headers.04:55
Linkmasterlet me try that...04:56
LinkmasterACTION 's operating system is already shot, he might as well tinker around04:56
plantianLinkmaster: Ha, well it will just install the source code that matches the binary package you already have installed.  So it shouldn't harm anything other than a tiny bit more disk space.04:57
LinkmasterYeah, haha04:58
LinkmasterIs there any 'simple' way of doing this?05:02
LinkmasterACTION prefers .debs, and the old-fashioned ./configure, make, make install 05:02
LinkmasterThough, in my case, a .deb seems to be what I need...or, through the *buntu repos05:03
plantianLinkmaster: You probably want to stick to the .debs for that type of stuff.05:13
Linkmasterplantian: I can't find any though, thats why I was trying the other method...which has brutal, at best05:13
plantianLinkmaster: There is no libxml2-devel ?05:14
LinkmasterI found that..05:14
LinkmasterI meant .deb for tryton05:14
plantianLinkmaster: There might be, but I'm not sure how well that works.  Are you trying to get it setup for development?05:16
plantianLinkmaster: What are you following right now ?05:16
Linkmasterplantian: I was wanting to get it setup for just regular use05:17
plantianLinkmaster: Are you following ?05:20
Linkmasternever even heard of that05:20
Linkmasterplantian: if 'python install' works correctly, does that mean its all set up on my system now?05:40
Linkmastertrytond-2.4.1 is what I was running all this from05:41
plantianLinkmaster: install just installs the dep, you have to setup you configuration file and db and whatnot, do you have the client installed too ?06:00
plantianmy memory is a bit hazy on the details, i haven't re-installed tryton in a while06:00
Linkmasterprobably not, though I think thats what I grabbed...let me see06:00
Linkmasterplantian: trytond-2.4.1.tar.gz06:01
Linkmasteris what I started with06:01
LinkmasterI'll pull a client as well though, just to be sure06:03
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nwmcsween_mobilehmm has anyone set up tryton on any of these 'app cloud' providers like dotcloud and such?09:19
shomonhi, how do you install 2.4 client on ubuntu? I am trying to do python install and it says it doesn't have setuptools16:51
corroshomon: try installing python-setuptools16:53
shomonthanks corro - was for a friend, sorted now17:13
shomonto install modules, can you just do pip install modulename?17:13
corroshomon: you're welcome17:13
shomonhow do you install a module that's at
shomon:( looking through the documentation, not finding much17:38
cedkshomon: like you installed trytond17:38
shomonok looking up my notes :S17:39
shomonI did pip install trytond_health_profile17:39
shomonbut if I do pip install accounts for example it does nothing17:39
shomonaccount I mean17:40
cedkshomon: trytond_account17:40
shomonah.. how do I find the names of all of them? thanks cedk17:40
shomonthanks very much cedk17:42

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