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grek324Hello, after update to 2.4 my sale import is no longer working because of problems with the unit_price field. Do someone know a reason ?  I define with: sale_line.unit_price = Decimal(price_product_netto_round)11:33
cedkgrek324: looks like the unit_price is a float11:36
grek324cedk: I use float to calculate netto price but why Decimal(price_product_netto_round) is no longer working?11:41
cedkgrek324: I don't know what you are doing11:45
grek324I import from CSV file. There I have price with tax (brutto) for product. Then I change to float to calculate netto price (without tax), make round price and chanche to Decimal
cedkgrek324: it is probably because the unit_price is a float before you setup12:01
grek324I still have problems with making sale on tryton 2.4 with proteus. Even when I set sale_line.quantity = Decimal("1.00") and  sale_line.unit_price = Decimal("1.000") I get error message  "unsupported operand type(s) for *: \'Decimal\' and \'float\'\n'>" . On 2.0 this is working fine and I can't find the reason for this problem14:46
cedkgrek324: is the scenario working for you
corrodoes someone know how to set the target email address when sending reports by mail?15:51
shomonI'm getting the statetransition error when installing modules via pip... does this mean my server is not up to date, and how do I upgrade it?15:53
cedkcorro: it is done here:
cedkcorro: it comes from pyson_email15:55
corrocedk: thanks a lot, I'll look into it15:56
cedkshomon: give more information about the error15:58
shomonOk. I installed 2.4 via pip, and now installed a few modules to do with stock taking15:58
shomonand then restarted, and it gives now the error15:58
shomonso it's similar to
shomonthe pastebin and irclog on that link15:58
shomonI'll pastebin my own error just a sec15:59
cedkshomon: mixing versions of trytond packages16:02
shomonhow do I find out which one has the wrong version? can I query pip for version numbers?16:02
shomonhmm man pip16:03
shomonsorry :)16:03
shomonit's strange, I only installed things on
cedkshomon: there are all versions on pypi16:32
shomon:( I am doing "sudo pip search trytond |grep -B1 "INSTALLED""16:48
shomonbut only trytond shows up16:48
shomonI just installed trytond_stock and it doesn't have "installed" after it16:49
shomoncedk, do you know what to do? I've done pip uninstall of all modules I installed before, but still get that statetransition error16:57
shomonI'm guessing one of them installed a dependency that's not gone away when I pip uninstalled16:58
shomonmaybe I can query tryton somehow or browse somewhere to see what modules it has installed17:00
bechamelshomon: I think your modules are more up to date than the server17:15
bechamelshomon: and if you have the same error, you have at least the party module that is not uninstalled17:16
shomonaah I see. Party module was installed already, it came with gnuhealth's ones17:18
shomonso maybe I need to pip update trytond.17:18
shomonooh 2.4.117:20
shomonit works!18:06
shomonthe wonders of  pip install --upgrade18:06
shomonhmm, any idea why when I go from tryton 2.4 client to 2.4.1 to "pip install --upgrade tryton" it takes me back to tryton 1.6??18:23
shomonah there was an old tryton client in there via apt...18:33
shomonnow I get "Can't import ModuleWorkFlow"18:36
shomonCan't Import name ModelWorkFlow"18:37
grek324shomon: are you using own modules?21:01
grek324ModelWorkflow,  is now called Workflow21:02
shomonhi grek324 thanks for asking.. no but maybe there is confusion in one of them21:19
shomonmaybe it's an old version in there still21:19
shomonI have just upgraded to 2.4.1, then upgraded the stock module21:19
shomonand the server starts, but I installed the 2.4.1 client and it won't connect21:19
shomonit'll give that error. It still connects to the demo 2.4 site though21:19
shomongrek324, I'll try updating lots of modules :)21:26
grek324shomon: did you make database update befor connect?21:27
shomonum... I'll see how that's done21:29
grek324grek:  su tryton -c "/path/to/trytond -u all -d yourdatabase"21:31
shomonthanks very much grek!21:48
grek324shomon: np21:54
shomonI tried it and got an error on the "contract" module21:54
shomonso am upgrading that first...21:54
shomonI wish pip would look at version numbers and not install if it clashed21:54
cjbarnes18can anyone suggest a good cheap vps?22:02
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