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rhubnerHi cedk20:12
rhubnercedk: after adding a date at the entry, which action could I use "browse" the selected date?20:15
rhubnercedk: I thought about using a button "find" or add an action with any key, for example Enter and/or tab...20:17
rhubnercedk: What do you think?20:17
cedkrhubner: why do you want to do that ?20:24
cedkrhubner: just take the date20:24
rhubnercedk: beacause every caht that i put in DateEntry, a 'insert-text' event is called...20:26
rhubnercedk: there is no a event called only the date is completed20:27
rhubnercedk: understand?20:27
cedkrhubner: don't understad20:27
rhubnercedk: for example, if i added: 0_/__/___ called a event, 08/__/___  again...20:29
rhubnercedk: I need a way to find a history date only the DateEntry is completed or truth20:31
rhubnerwhen I select the date on the calendar, it works, but when I add the date manually I have this problem...20:33
rhubnercedk: now did you understand?20:33
cedkrhubner: I don't know20:34
rhubnercedk: what do you dont know?20:37
cedkrhubner: on activate signal perhaps20:38
rhubnercedk: complicated... I have to make the test if date is valid manually...20:46
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rhubnercedk: there is methods to test the date in widget...21:17
cedkrhubner: test_date21:30
rhubnercedk: exactly21:31

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