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gour morning09:29
gourinitial release of Neso stated: "This release is not for production use, but for developers and testers to give us feedback." is Neso today suitable for production?09:30
cedkgour: not really but it depends of your requirements09:35
goursingle-user is enough for me and sqlite3 is cool, although we keep postgresql due to bacula backup09:38
gourACTION has found service file and now doing 'natural' installation10:06
gouris tryton's docs enough to use/tweak/develop tryton or it is required to consult openerp's one?10:20
gourACTION notices that archlinux's package is broken...10:22
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__efx__hello, I am writing a small script based on "Tryton as a Module" how to. I want to order subdivisions based on the country code is it possible with the search function ? I tried so far things like order=['country.code','ASC'] but I have wrong field name exception18:20
__efx__cedk: In my script I use the serach_read of the ModelStorage how does it link to the ModelSQL ?18:28
cedk__efx__: it call search and read18:29
__efx__cedk: should I use the ModelSQL._order_name ?18:30
cedk__efx__: order params are the same as _order18:31
__efx__cedk: so the only thing that I can do is sort the subdivision on the id of the country but not on its name ?18:33
cedk__efx__: no, you can sort on any fields you want18:35
cedk__efx__: use: order=[('', 'ASC')]18:37
__efx__I got a : *** Exception: ('Error', 'Wrong field name ( for country.subdivision in order!')18:37
__efx__cedk: M.search_read([],fields_names=[],order=[('','ASC')])18:37
__efx__where M is a : <class ''>18:38
cedk__efx__: ho yes, you can only order on fields of the Model18:39
__efx__cedk: ok, thank you18:41
cedk__efx__: but if you order on Many2One field, it will order by the default order of this field18:43
cedk__efx__: but I think it will be not too difficult to improve the _order_calc to allow what you tried18:44
__efx__cedk: ok I will try to improve it, it is on the model/ right ?18:46
cedk__efx__: yes18:46
__efx__cedk : ok I have a 4 line modification that seems to do the work19:03
__efx__cedk: thank you for pointing me to the right place19:03
cedk__efx__: please submit a patch19:05
__efx__cedk : on ?19:06
cedk__efx__: yes, following the wiki page19:06
cedk__efx__: but I think your patch will require a unittest19:07
__efx__so I should run a unittest before submitting the patch or what ?19:08
cedk__efx__: yes but also you should add a unittest to test the order of search19:09
cedk__efx__: with simple fields, many2one with dot etc.19:09
__efx__cedk: ok so I should put together with the patch a script that shows that the functionality is working19:11
cedk__efx__: yes19:12
__efx__cedk: I cloned the mercurial repository made the changes on the file. Now how can I generate the patch ?21:51

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