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scrapperhello guys, I try to have one account with a different currency in my account chart... but the currency for all accounts seems to be bound to company.currency. My companies currency is "Euro" but on one PayPal account I do have "US-Dollar". I need this money in US-Dollar WITHOUT conversion to Euro. Any hints?08:13
scrapperI try to install a module which was created for Tryton Version 1.8 on Version 2.2.0 and i get the following error on install: trytond/model/ line 306: in create       if not hasattr(self._columns[field], 'set'):15:56
scrapperKeyError: u'view_type'15:56
cedkscrapper: it doesn't work15:56
scrappercedk: I try to make it work.15:57
cedkscrapper: only same major release15:57
scrappercedk: does KeyError: u'view_type' mean... that self._columns for some reason in this case is a "view_type"15:57
scrappercedk: the model is quit simple.15:58
cedkscrapper: I guess you try to create a value that doesn't exist15:59
scrappercedk: upgrade module tries to create a new record.16:00
scrappercedk: maybe i should try to add default values... but I have no idea. sorry for asking that question I try to install currency-auto-update for 2.2.0. As soon as I have it a talk to sharoonthomas.16:03
cedkscrapper: I don't know what does this module16:05
scrappercedk: it updates the currency rates "automatically" instead of "manually"... source:
scrapperbut it was written for version 1.8 not for 2.2.0. But it looks pretty simple to adjust it. (I hope so...)16:07
scrappercedk: the models are small. I think you are right it tries to work with some values which are not available.16:07
scrappercedk: I need to understand the whole process of "modules upgrade" better... to make this magic work.16:09
cedkscrapper: view_type was removed16:23
scrappercedk: thx for your help ced!16:23

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