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2012-09-02 09:33 <scrapper> Tryton Version 2.2.0 "Secondary Currency" for account seems to be ignored for most account moves except invoice payment. Is someone of you guys having experience with "Secondary Currency" on accounts?
2012-09-02 09:34 <scrapper> The fields "Amount Secondary Currency" stay at 0.00 - the field "Secondary Currency" stays empty.
2012-09-02 09:35 <scrapper> One could add the values manually - but I don't think this is the intention.
2012-09-02 09:35 <scrapper> tested on Tryton 2.2.0 demo server + on my own 2.2.0 servers.
2012-09-02 09:37 <scrapper> Maybe I have missunderstood "Second Currency" but in the documentation for 2.2.0 its written: "Second currency: Force all moves for the account to have this secondary currency." which it does not.
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2012-09-02 16:13 <__efx__> hi, I want to get from command line the string name of model fields in a specific languages. I tried to create a transaction by giving an context with {'language':'fr_FR'} and then used the fields_get() method of the trytond module object but I still get the fields in english ?
2012-09-02 16:13 <__efx__> how can I get the field name in an other langugages ?

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