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scrapperTryton Version 2.2.0 "Secondary Currency" for account seems to be ignored for most account moves except invoice payment. Is someone of you guys having experience with "Secondary Currency" on accounts?09:33
scrapperThe fields "Amount Secondary Currency" stay at 0.00 - the field "Secondary Currency" stays empty.09:34
scrapperOne could add the values manually - but I don't think this is the intention.09:35
scrappertested on Tryton 2.2.0 demo server + on my own 2.2.0 servers.09:35
scrapperMaybe I have missunderstood "Second Currency" but in the documentation for 2.2.0 its written:  "Second currency: Force all moves for the account to have this secondary currency." which it does not.09:37
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__efx__hi, I want to get from command line the string name of model fields in a specific languages. I tried to create a transaction by giving an context with {'language':'fr_FR'} and then used the fields_get() method of the trytond module object but I still get the fields in english ?16:13
__efx__how can I get the field name in an other langugages ?16:13

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