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scrapperwhat do you guys say to this -> bug or not?
scrapperI do wonder as "Second Currency" is not a new feature. Its available since Version 1.x but it does not seem to work.12:29
cedkscrapper: I think the "Force all moves" should be removed12:29
scrappercedk: yes I think so too.12:30
scrappercedk: sadly, because its would be a great feature.12:30
cedkscrapper: I think it must be not to complicated to implement it12:31
scrappercedk: so - Move Lines:12:32
scrapperSecond Currency and Amount Second Currency: allow to keep track of the original12:32
scrapperamount if the underlying transaction was made in an other currency.12:32
scrapperis the only way to keep track of second currency... which needs fix for invoice-payment write off. Again second currency (even if underlying transaction is in second currency.) is ignored on write off.12:32
scrappercedk: ok ced, good to know that you too think there is something which is not ok. I just wondered as this feature was implemented since Tryton Version 1.x12:33
scrappercedk: I will work on it and publish as soon as its running.12:33
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Arno[Slack]I cannot find a documentation that helps me about the remote API (apparently XML-RPC and JSON) of Tryton16:13
Arno[Slack]the wiki has little informations about remote calls on version 1.6 and under but nothing on 2.416:13
Arno[Slack]and I cannot find any documentation that gives me the list of accessible remote APIs16:14
Arno[Slack]is there anything like that ? Am I missing something ?16:14
Arno[Slack]I bet the remote API exists since there is a GTK client but I did not find anything16:15
bechamelArno[Slack]: the gtk client use the json api16:23
floxI don't know if the API is close to the OpenERP API or not16:23
floxDoes Tryton provides an XML-RPC api like openerp?16:23
nicoeflox: yes16:24
floxis it compatible?16:24
floxbecause I developped a tool to connect to openerp API, I don't know the effort to make it compatible for tryto16:25
nicoeflox: there are probably some small changes16:25
nicoeflox: what kind of tool are you talking about ?16:26
nicoeflox: if it is a python library, we already have that16:26
nicoeflox: it's called proteus16:26
floxnice, I'll take a look16:27
floxthe one I developped is ERPpeek
floxdefinitely, it looks similar to Proteus purpose16:28
nicoeThere is a lot of python modules to access openerp some years ago I created
floxyes, I've seen a lot of them :-)16:33
floxI've listed some on this page
floxoersted is listed too16:34
Arno[Slack]sorry I add a meeting17:18
Arno[Slack]flox: the json api suites me even better17:19
Arno[Slack]we need it for a whole different purpose17:20
Arno[Slack]and Python is not an option for this development17:20
nicoeArno[Slack]: The file proteus/ contains a XmlrpcConfig class that show how to connect to the XML-RPC server in python17:27
nicoeArno[Slack]: It might help17:27
nicoeArno[Slack]: the JSON api is using another api17:28
nicoeI think it's called json-rpc17:29
corroArno[Slack]: what language will be used in your project? I could provide a example using XML-RPC in PHP.17:29
Arno[Slack]it'll be Java17:30
Arno[Slack]but what I need is the API documentation17:30
Arno[Slack]with the list of available methods, parameters and return values17:31
Arno[Slack]the transportation media is not a problem17:31
nicoeArno[Slack]: nobody has written this kind of documentation yet17:32
Arno[Slack]you know like youtube API reference ( for example17:33
corroArno[Slack]: you can call all methods with (nearly) the same signature as long as the module exports it17:33
Arno[Slack]ok... That will not help at all to estimate the cost of the project17:34
Arno[Slack]and about json-rpc, is there any documentation ?17:35
Arno[Slack]the only one I found is
Arno[Slack]but it looks pretty outdated17:35
corroArno[Slack]: with 2.2 it still works17:35
nicoethe xml-rpc part is not outdated17:36
nicoeit lacks the json-rpc part17:36
nicoeIt is probably pretty similar17:36
nicoebut talking from experience, writing and understanding python is not the costly part of a java project ;)17:37
Arno[Slack]we won't write a single line of Python :)17:38
floxno need to write, you just need to read Python17:39
floxto understand the examples17:39
nicoeArno[Slack]: no but you will probably need to read it :D17:39
Arno[Slack]just to be sure I understand correctly the amount of work we are facing : I need to go through the code of Proteus (or the JSON equivalent), find the URLs, the RPC call formats, write a librairy in Java that does the same thing17:40
Arno[Slack]and then go through all the modules, check the exported methods and finally map them into my Java API17:41
Arno[Slack]am I right ?17:41
nicoeproteus does not support json-rpc (although I think there is a patch to do so)17:45
nicoethe rpc call format is almost always the same if I remember correctly17:45
nicoethe exported methods are easily findable since they are referenced in the "self._rpc" dictionnary of each object17:46
corroand most of the time you are only calling search, read and write anyway17:46
nicoecorro: indeed17:46
nicoecorro, Arno[Slack]: and create of course17:47
corronicoe: true17:47
Arno[Slack]thank you17:49
Arno[Slack]From a total outsider of the project, it is a bit rough to enter the dev part of Tryton17:50
Arno[Slack]if I may17:50
Arno[Slack]there is very little documentation17:51
nicoeArno[Slack]: you're right17:51
nicoeArno[Slack]: the doc is not completely up to date and newcomers have some difficulties17:52
nicoeArno[Slack]: but usually we can answer their questions here17:53
Arno[Slack]indeed :)17:54
nicoeArno[Slack]: every 6 month a guy tries to make a better doc but it does not last long :(17:54
Arno[Slack]what I find personnally troulesome is that everything is written for Python17:54
cedkArno[Slack]: are you kidding?17:57
cedkArno[Slack]: :-)17:57
Arno[Slack]for example the RemoteCalls doc does not explain how I shall format my XML and what are the methods naming convention (or it is possible to call directly in the XML/JSON-RPC)17:57
Arno[Slack]not really17:57
Arno[Slack]a remote api's goal is to exchange data with other world17:58
cedkArno[Slack]: it is standard XML-RPC17:58
corroArno[Slack]: see
yangooncedk according to my checks the current maintenance releases are lacking trytond and proteus17:59
cedkArno[Slack]: after that, you have to read the Python code to know the method, args etc. because XML-RPC doesn't have a description mechanism17:59
yangooncedk: is this intentional?17:59
cedkyangoon: not for proteus18:00
floxFor some parts, the OpenERP documentation itself is not so bad
floxthere's snippets for php, perl, java (xml-rpc only)18:01
ciupicrispeaking of XML-RPC could I use it or something else available in Python to write some POS (Point of Sale) software that talks to the server?18:04
floxciupicri: sure18:09
nicoeciupicri: last year there was a GSOC that did just that18:14
ciupicrinicoe: POS software?18:14
juanfesomeone know a sample model of how to make a field lookup in a view?22:03
cedkjuanfe: what do you mean?22:34
juanfecedk My idea is list a field of a related table, example if I have a party that belong to a customer, list the parties with her customer name!22:38
juanfelike a lookup field22:38
cedkjuanfe: don't understand22:40
juanfeOne second, cedk22:41
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