IRC logs of #tryton for Friday, 2012-09-21 #tryton log beginning Fri Sep 21 00:00:01 CEST 2012
cjbarnes18Hi all o/20:39
cjbarnes18I am going to start testing the Active record Patch, but my clone has some of the nexted modules missing, how to update to get these?  new clone?20:40
shomonsorry no idea.. I'm trying to install it and give it all the most useful stock and logistics modules in continental finance20:50
shomonbut also a bit stuck with how to make sure I don't install a module that crashes everything20:50
cedkcjbarnes18: just clone the missing21:06
cedkby the way, I just updated the patch to work on last trunk21:07
cedkcjbarnes18: or you can re-clone everything21:10
cjbarnes18ok, thanks cedk21:13
cedkcjbarnes18: if you test, check often if I did not update the patch because I'm also testing and I fix bugs21:26
cedkcjbarnes18: patch updated21:55
cedkACTION enough for tonight21:56
cjbarnes18thanks cedk21:56
cjbarnes18sleep well.21:56

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