IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2012-09-22 #tryton log beginning Sat Sep 22 00:00:02 CEST 2012
FvDHello, i'm just starting to test the Tryton waters and the 'nclone' mercurial command suggested in the docs is giving me some trouble.00:53
FvDIt appears it is not a standard mercurial call (the mercurial documentation does not mention it).00:53
FvDwait - found hgnested mentioned here before.00:57
shomonhi I'm following the install guide at
shomon"if you want start trytond automatically at system startup"01:54
shomonon this bit.. in option 2 (I'm going to be developing a module so installing this way)01:54
shomondo you need trytond in the path to run update-rc.d trytond defaults 2101:54
shomonanyone around?11:25
shomonmy question is what is the current state of web interfaces that go with tryton.. django?11:25
shomonor online shops etc.. pos software that can go on the web11:25
bechamelshomon: openlabs have recently released nereid (
cedkshomon: there are also:11:35
cedkshomon: indeed it is pretty simple to plug Tryton to a Python web framework11:36
shomonah yeah I heard nereid is the easiert one to plug up?11:40
shomonGood stuff glad to hear it's easy :)11:40
shomonI guess the way to do it is via webdav11:41
shomonanother question :)11:58
shomonOn there is a bit about ssl support11:59
shomonis this up to date? seems it has different config names11:59
shomonsorry I asked a question then crashed my irc client somehow12:21
shomonhow do you turn on ssl these days?12:21
cedkshomon: it is not up to date, tryton is packages for debian since this was written12:29
shomonah so I'll adapt the ssl-looking bits of my trytond.conf...12:39
shomonand scrap that bit :)12:39
shomonwhere can I get a server.pem etc for ssl?13:26
shomonrelated question.. is it good to have psyco on generally?13:27
shomonthe db module, not the film:)13:27
shomonalso do you have to have xmlrpc = *.myport and then ssl_xmlrpc = True ?13:29
shomonor just xmlrpc commented out, and ssl_xmlrpc = *.7868713:29
shomonor just xmlrpc commented out, and ssl_xmlrpc = *:8000 or similar...13:30
shomonI'm getting the following error:
shomonthe first connection is via telnet on 8000, the next is from the tryton client.. same result18:47
cedkshomon:what is not working?18:50
cedkshomon: but I guess you connect without ssl18:55
cedkshomon: check the .config/tryton/x.y/known_hosts18:56
cedkshomon: you probably connect once without ssl18:56
shomonwell I can obviously connect, but on the client I get "could not connect to the server"19:00
shomonon the server I get the messages you see19:00
shomoncan post the trytond.conf.. I just tried turning on all the ssl bits and added a pem file19:01
cedkshomon: did you check the known_hosts ?19:02
shomonno? how do I check them?19:05
shomonmaybe I need to read a bit of ssl documentation.. bit lost with it19:05
shomonsorry if that's really a newbie thing19:06
cedkshomon: just remove the file19:06
shomonwhere is it?19:16
shomonlocate does nothing19:16
shomonthanks cedk :)19:27
shomonhmm, I just downloaded trytond and ran it from where I extracted it19:53
shomonI get unknown protocol from SSL.. maybe the config file is missing something20:25
shomonis there an example one?20:25

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