IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2012-09-26 #tryton log beginning Wed Sep 26 00:00:01 CEST 2012
scrapperhello guys, How can someone reprocess report creation?08:54
katrHi! I have a question about packaging.10:02
katrAre the .rst-files of the scenario intentionally not included in package_data?10:03
cedkkatr: no10:05
cedkkatr: normally they are, see contains tests/*.rst10:05
katrcedk: But the only lists the files to be included in the source distribution, doesn't it?10:09
cedkkatr: yes the package10:10
cedkkatr: but it seems they miss in package_data of setup.py10:11
katrcedk: O.K. if the test are included in the binary distribution shouldn't the necessary scenarios be included as well?10:11
katrcedk: O.K.10:12
katrcedk: Will push a review to review.t.o and file a bug report.10:13
katrcedk: Thanks.10:13
scrapperreport re-generation question solved - delete report in database and open again.10:27
katrcedk: There are scenarios in 13 different modules where the .rst-file is missing in either the manifest or package_data or both.11:30
katrcedk: Should I really flood the review site with each an every module?11:30
cedkkatr: make a nested patch11:31
katrkatr: O.K.11:31
katrcedk: Can I upload the output of "hg ndiff" for the review with "hg review"?12:03
cedkkatr: there is a patch for hgreview that add a nested option12:05
cedknicoe: ping12:05
nicoecedk: pong12:05
nicoeIt's the hgreview codereview, I will push it today12:07
katrnicoe: O.K. thanks, will try to apply it.12:08
nicoekatr: I pushed the changeset on bitbucket12:12
katrnicoe: Great, thanks.12:15
rmui have some questions regarding company/header_A4.odt15:32
rmui was under the impression, that this file could be used to define some text- and page-formats15:33
rmubut it seems only header and footer are merged from this file15:33
cedkrmu: yes but I don't recommend to use for any new report, we will one day remove it15:33
cedkrmu: that was the idea but indeed it doesn't work very well15:34
rmuso at the moment, if i want to enforce some "corporate identity", i will have to fork/replace every report?15:34
rmuthis style business in open document format seems to be very odd indeed...15:36

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