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sharoonthomasis anybody working on the blueprint ?10:55
sharoonthomasi can see that is NOT LGTM10:56
nicoesharoonthomas: indeed11:13
nicoesharoonthomas: nobody is working on it I think11:13
sharoonthomasnicoe: why was issue 178006 abandoned ?11:14
nicoesharoonthomas: because it was getting uglier and uglier and it should be rethought11:16
sharoonthomasnicoe: so the blueprint is final ?11:16
nicoesharoonthomas: I haven't though about it yet and cedric neither I guess11:21 is dead, did someone know a similar service?11:40
sharoonthomascedk: nicoe: the expense blueprint - is it for employees to report their expenses and then claim a reimbursement for it ?11:57
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rmui modified to copy all styles from the report.style_content - so far it seems to work pretty well, font faces and page style work as expected13:46
rmuwas there a reason why it was not done this way in the first place? my change is rather small13:46
rmui will put up a codereview13:47
cedkrmu: because you could break the style of the original report13:55
rmuit would provide an easy way to customize the look of all reports more or less at once13:58
rmudo you mean the generated document could become somehow illegal? so it would not open any more?14:00
cedkrmu: I mean that you can override the design of the template by overriding styles14:44
rmucedk: as it is now, i need to copy the modified styles into every report template. that seems painful. i thought the style-setting was intended to work somehow like the document-styles in LaTeX, so content and style are decoupled...14:54
adeb6600can someone help out with configuring trytond aon amazon ec2 ? trytond is running perfectly but i cant link u with postgresql server15:14
nicoeadeb6600: I am afraid I don't know anything about amazon ec215:23
adeb6600does any one have experience using trytond and postgresql on amazon ec220:54

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