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2012-09-28 11:12 <shomon> I keep getting "connection pool exhausted" - any setting that might help?
2012-09-28 11:16 <bechamel> shomon: this means, that something is opening connection to postregsql but does not close them
2012-09-28 11:20 <adeb6600> in trytond.conf there is option for multiserver instance does that imply a server instance managing more than one tryton client connection?
2012-09-28 11:25 <bechamel> adeb6600: the tryton server can always handle more than one client. the multiserver option is to have several tryton server in front on the same postregsql server
2012-09-28 11:27 <adeb6600> bechamel: what is the recommended number of client connecting to one tryton server
2012-09-28 11:27 <shomon> bechamel, do you think I can set up something to automatically close connections that are left open?
2012-09-28 11:27 <shomon> all we have been doing is connecting via our client
2012-09-28 11:27 <shomon> maybe it's not getting the message through.. it does hang a lot
2012-09-28 11:30 <bechamel> adeb6600: by default here is a limit of 64 connections, but it can be changed
2012-09-28 11:31 <bechamel> shomon: you acces postgres only through the tryton server ? is there any script or crons ?
2012-09-28 11:34 <shomon> no
2012-09-28 11:35 <shomon> no scripts or crons. I just installed the newest trytond and some modules
2012-09-28 11:35 <shomon> and 2 people have been connecting
2012-09-28 11:35 <shomon> in 4 days.. too many connections
2012-09-28 11:35 <bechamel> shomon: are the clients closed correctly ?
2012-09-28 11:39 <shomon> no, they tend to hang
2012-09-28 11:40 <bechamel> shomon: they always hang ? or only since the pool exhausted error ?
2012-09-28 11:45 <shomon> usually, it depends how long i stay logged in
2012-09-28 11:46 <shomon> also the connection was cutting a lot, so the client might just have lost contact with the server
2012-09-28 11:47 <bechamel> shomon: this may explain your issue. Anyway, you can try to restart the tryton server, this should solve (at least temporally) the pool exhausted error
2012-09-28 11:48 <shomon> yeah I guess.. what can I do for a more permanent solution?
2012-09-28 11:48 <shomon> apart from a cron to kill and restart each night
2012-09-28 11:54 <nicoe> I don't see how hanging clients might exhaust the connection pool to postgresql they are not connected
2012-09-28 11:57 <shomon> mmm.. wierd
2012-09-28 11:57 <shomon> it's got psycopg.. I thought that would handle it
2012-09-28 11:58 <cedk> shomon: how many connection to postgresql do you see?
2012-09-28 11:58 <shomon> how do I see them cedk?
2012-09-28 11:58 <shomon> I just restarted though
2012-09-28 11:59 <cedk> shomon: ps
2012-09-28 11:59 <shomon> also no scroll on this term so I can't go back to the error
2012-09-28 12:00 <shomon> but I'll see if in the logs it said how many it had open
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2012-09-28 22:23 <crisyelit> hola a todos
2012-09-28 22:23 <crisyelit> hi everybody
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