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scrapperNo idea what is the best approach to store "Serial Numbers" related to trading products.09:42
scrapperIn version 2.4 there is the "Lot Management Module" - I think this module is capable of fulfilling serial number tracking needs. But I am running version 2.209:43
scrapperany hints?09:44
scrapperWhat I would like to achieve is - when a customer is sending a message after 8months, that his product does not function properly... it would be good to check if the "Serial Number" of the device is actually really the one we have sold to him months ago.09:45
scrapperRight now we store the data in a spreadsheet - would be cool to have this data in tryton.09:46
irctalkAnyone aware of this problem during demo db creation ?  -->
shomonis that a bit of gnuhealth?14:18
shomonlooks like a module that forgot a button14:18
cedkirctalk: shoudl report to GNU Health14:18
cedkirctalk: button name has changed in trunk14:19
irctalkyes it is along with gnu health. thanks for the hint, will check.14:19
cedkirctalk: I guess it is still for 2.414:23
irctalkcedk: tryton is 2.4 (not trunk). I picked from the trunk (which is ~10 months old)14:24
cedkirctalk: so probably still 2.214:27
irctalkcedk: do you mean to say is not uptodate with tryton?14:29
cedkirctalk: yes probably14:32
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rmusome possible alternatives to CIA in this blog-post:

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