IRC logs of #tryton for Monday, 2012-10-01 #tryton log beginning Mon Oct 1 00:00:02 CEST 2012
shomonhi, how do I get tryton to be in italian? I have it in cat and en16:46
shomon well, as a user option16:46
nicoeshomon: someone (maybe you) must do the translation to italian16:49
shomonaaah well, I thought it was available in italian, but that must be just the website :)16:50
nicoeshomon: indeed only the website is translated in italian16:50
shomonaah oh well thanks16:51
shomonwhat is the best way to do backups of a tryton install?19:40
scrappershomon: are you talking about your trytond(daemon) install with modules?20:04
shomonnot the db.. that's easy20:05
scrappershomon: subversion is a way of having backups on different machines - with other comfortable development features.20:05
cedkshomon: use any file backup tool20:06
shomonI guess I don't really understand pip.. it seems to put stuff in loads of places..20:06
shomonI will copy the tryton dir20:06
scrappershomon: it depends on how often you do changes to your trytond directory20:06
shomonwell I just installed a bunch of modules, and it still works.. fingers crossed20:06
scrappershomon: yes this is the most simple way of doing a backup.20:07
shomonthanks :)20:07
scrappershomon: cp -R trytond trytond_backup20:07
scrappershomon: move the backup to another city ;-)20:07
shomonyeah it'll be like escape from new york20:08
scrappershomon: with clonezilla you could do a full backup of the machine, which is even more comfortable if something nasty happens...20:08
shomonactually it's a vm so yeah that'd be good20:09
scrappershomon: or any other backup tool to create an image of your harddisks.20:09
shomonthanks very much scrapper20:16

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