IRC logs of #tryton for Monday, 2012-10-15 #tryton log beginning Mon Oct 15 00:00:01 CEST 2012
mdnsshello everyone!17:32
mdnssI've installed tryton client, but when I'm going to create a new db it has server by default17:33
mdnssif I change it to localhost, it doesn't enable the create button17:33
mdnssany idea?17:33
cedkmdnss: probably there is no local server17:34
mdnssmmm... so where did my install went to?17:35
cedkmdnss: did you start it at least?17:45
mdnssyes cedk17:45
cedkmdnss: do you see the openned port with netstat ?17:47
mdnssdidn't check it17:47
mdnsslet me see17:47
mdnssno, it doesn't appear cedk17:48
cedkmdnss: is there any error message in the console where you start it?17:50
mdnssno, the client opens and that's all17:55
cedkmdnss: I'm talking about the server17:57
mdnssI think I'm doing something wrong17:59
mdnssthe server it's not up18:00
mdnsssorry cedk for my noob question, but how can I start the server? (I've been working with openerp and it's quite differnent)18:10
cedkmdnss: trytond18:17
mdnssnow I have an error message: ImportError: No module named psycopg2.pool18:18
cedkmdnss: you must install psycopg218:19
mdnssit isn't in the repos, is it?18:20
cedkmdnss: no psycopg2 is an external library18:20
mdnssok, thanks a lot cedk, I'll bother you again later if I have any other trouble hehe18:21
mdnsscedk, I've installed psycopg2 and still have the error message :(18:47
mdnsssolved, installed psycopg2 using apt-get and not with the in the .tar.gz18:51
shomonwell done :)19:00
mdnssI'm trying to create a new db, and it asks me to enter a pwd19:55
mdnssI don't remember to have set a pwd during install19:55
mdnsswhich pwd is that?19:55
shomonmaybe go into postgres and make one?19:57
shomonbest to just have a tryton user, and give it create db rights19:57
shomonthere's an installation guide.. maybe it's explained there.. I'll lmgtfy20:00
shomonit's so snarky but I just discovered it :)20:00
shomontryton installation psql user create - Google Search20:00
mdnsssorry shomon, what does snarky means?20:12
mdnssoh, and even doing what you said shomon, still says wrong pwd20:14
mdnsshi flox :)20:18
shomonaaaw sorry... well I saw it used by someone who thought everyone else was stupid for not knowing some random software config...20:51
shomonbut that gives two links: there's also a second one with gnuhealth.. I think there they create an individual database user for tryton20:52
shomonwhat trytond.conf are you using?20:52

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