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shalabhaggarwalhi, how does the groups, rules and templates on taxes work?13:29
shomonI just applied a patch.. I didn't know how to.. but I think it's working...!13:31
shomontryton has been crashing every day for like a month.. 2 connections is all it takes.. or one that doesn't disconnect13:31
shomonand postgres fills up all it's sections.13:31
shomonconnections even13:31
cedkshomon: templates are just template use when creating chart13:32
shomonyou mean shalabhaggarwal ?13:32
cedkshomon: oups it is for shalabhaggarwal13:32
shomonlol :)13:32
shomonthanks for the patch cedk13:32
shomonnow to see if tryton stays up...13:32
shomon <-- that one I mean13:32
cedkshalabhaggarwal: rules are just substitutions pattern13:33
cedkshalabhaggarwal: groups is used for pattern matching for substitution13:33
shalabhaggarwalcedk: ok13:34
cedkshomon: if it was that, you just check if there is not a process that modify/touch the source code13:34
shalabhaggarwalcedk: lets say taxes are based upon the location of the party, then what should be the best way to deal with it13:34
shomoncedk, no I doubt it.13:35
shomonunless it's that damned nsa again13:35
shomonalways leaving bugs in my code ;)13:35
shomonis there a way to do dinner vouchers.. or internal "tickets" in tryton?13:42
shomonhmm still got a "cursor already closed"13:45
cedkshomon: when ?13:51
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cedkshalabhaggarwal: add the location on the tax rules13:53
shomonwhen I logged out13:53
cedkshalabhaggarwal: but here for EU, we just use different tax rules per location of the party13:54
cedkshalabhaggarwal: as the tax rules are linked to party13:54
cedkshomon: did you modify the login/out process ?13:54
shalabhaggarwalcedk: thanks13:57
shomonno cedk13:57
shalabhaggarwalcedk: also how do we handle the cumulative taxes?13:58
shomonah actually I added an echo statement, as suggested here. It's in, to try and log the error.13:58
shomonbut I doubt that affects something.. I'll dig out the change13:58
cedkshalabhaggarwal: don't understand13:59
shalabhaggarwalcedk: invoice untaxed amount = 100, tax A - 5%, it comes 105, tax B - 10%(applies cumulatively over 105) - total amount becomes 105.514:01
cedkshalabhaggarwal: there is no such things14:10
cedkshalabhaggarwal: but indeed, your tax of 10% is not 10% but 10.05 %14:11
shalabhaggarwalcedk: ok14:22
shalabhaggarwalcedk: one more thing i have been facing issue with is providing fractional values(like 8.5) to a Numeric field via XML. It errors out saying assertion error for Decimal14:24
mdnsshi, what postgresql version are you using?14:27
cedkshalabhaggarwal: you must use: eval="Decimal('8.5')"14:35
shalabhaggarwalcedk: thanks, that was very trivial14:36
mdnsshi cedk14:39
mdnsswhat postgresql version are you using?14:40
cedkmdnss: 9.1.214:41
mdnssok, I'll install it, I was using 8.4 but having some trouble14:41
cedkmdnss: normally Tryton should be compatible with 8.x series14:43
madness_cedk, now I'm getting "could not connect to server", but its up14:47
cedkmdnss: depending of your OS, but sometimes the default port of pg is changed14:49
mdnssI'm using ubuntu 12.0414:50
mdnsscedk, I'm still getting "incompatible version of the server"15:04
mdnssdo you know what does it mean?15:05
cedkmdnss: you must use the same two version number between server and client15:05
cedkmdnss: for example: 2.4 or 2.2 etc.15:07
mdnssso I should get and older server version15:07
mdnssbecause I couldn't find a newer client version15:07
cedkmdnss: which versions?15:10
mdnsscedk, sorry, I found it, the thing is... I'm using tryton v2.2 and trytond v2.4, should I only install tryton v2.4?15:13
cedkmdnss: yes15:16
mdnsscedk, now the error message is "could not connect to server"15:16
mdnssI'm going crazy with this!!15:17
cedkmdnss: is the server running?15:19
mdnsscedk, yes it is15:20
cedkmdnss: can it connect to the database?15:20
mdnssI couldn't create a db yet since I'm always having trouble with tryton15:20
mdnsscedk, I was trying to add a profile because I'm getting a wrong pwd msg15:22
mdnssbut I've never set a pwd15:22
cedkmdnss: I mean "connect"15:30
mdnssI guess so15:32
cedkmdnss: need to be checked15:36
mdnsscedk, I mean... it is, but I can't find the problem between postgresql and tryton15:37
cedkmdnss: ok so it is perhaps an IPv6 issue15:38
cedkmdnss: look at which address trytond is listening15:38
mdnsscedk, but I'm using it locally15:40
cedkmdnss: don't care15:40
cedkmdnss: a lot of people don't have localhost pointing to ::115:40
mdnsscedk, how can I check that?15:42
cedkmdnss: netstat15:44
mdnsscedk, huge list, I can't see the 1st part :S15:45
mdnsscedk, are you still there?21:32

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