IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2012-10-24 #tryton log beginning Wed Oct 24 00:00:01 CEST 2012
mdnsshi people16:08
mdnssI'm trying to delete a record (calendar event in this case), but I can't find a way to delete a record, nowhere16:08
mdnssno button, no option with right mouse click16:09
mdnssany idea?16:09
Piloumdnss: control+D or use the top left button16:39
mdnssPilou, ctrl+D works fine, but I have no top left button to delete16:42
PilouThere is a button on the left of the view's title.16:44
mdnssPilou, how does it looks like? because I have no button to erase16:49
cedric_scilmdnss: it's in the settings button just before the title17:05
cedric_scilmdnss: it's in the settings button just before the title18:15
mdnsshi flox, have you tried the calendar module?22:16
floxhi mdnss, i don't use the calendar22:26
mdnssok flox, thank you22:26
shomonhow can I keep tryton up? it keeps dying on me.. what do most people use?22:27
udonoshomon: I don't understand your question.22:29
bechamelshomon: have you any error message in the logs ?22:33
shomonoops sorry I was gone there.. udono bechamel23:19
shomonWell I have a problem with postgresql maxing out connections.23:19
shomonIt runs out quite fast, and then I have to restart it23:19
shomonit may be related to a bug but I'm not sure, and the postgres folks had a look and think it's a problem with tryton not closing connections23:20
udonoshomon: which postgres version you use?23:30
udonoshomon: where to find the discussion about the issue with the postres folks?23:32
udonoshomon: is there already a tryton issue?23:32
udonoACTION many questions23:32
shomonsorry.. yeah23:43
shomonas usual, in another window23:43
shomonah I went into #postgres23:43
shomonbut I can probably pastebin it23:44
shomonyes there is a tryton issue, and I applied a patch from cedk23:44
shomonhmm looking for that patch!23:46
shomonah issue 280523:48
udonoshomon: maybe best is trying out the patch and reopen the issue if it do not work.23:52

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