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zodmani see on pypi the new release :)00:52
zodmancan build neso 2.6 for win ?00:55
pokolicedk: release new is on draft state. Are you aware of that?11:33
cedkpokoli: they are not11:42
pokolicedk: French there is11:43
pokolicedk: but they were both some time ago11:43
shomonhi, I'm trying to install tryton in a virtualenv...12:33
shomonbut how do you install psycopg2  - or can I give it the regular one installed generally?12:33
nicoeshomon: you can tell shomon to use distributed packages12:37
shomon? aah12:38
shomonokay.. I will look that up.. I'm on debian and I see lots of people have problems with psyco and virtualenv12:39
shomonbut in windows, old ubuntus etc12:39
nicoeshomon: you must use the --system-site-packages command line switch when creating the virtualenv12:40
nicoeshomon: I use virtualenv on a debian without problems12:40
shomonbut might that mess with the tryton modules I install in each one?12:40
shomonah that gives me hope.. But I thought debian would be okay12:40
nicoeshomon: I don't install trytond in a virtualenv, I usually run from the sources12:41
nicoeshomon: I only install trytond in virtualenv when developping on proteus12:41
shomonhmm.. well my problem is I have only one server, and I have to run gnuhealth on one and regular tryton on the other12:43
shomonwell I mean I have to add gnuhealth to this now that another instance is already doing regular accounting12:43
nicoeshomon: well you can indeed use virtualenv to separate both install12:44
shomonI was just looking at proteus.. I wonder if it's the fastest way to make a web interface for a tryton server...12:46
shomonthanks nicoe12:47
mdnsshi rmu14:36
mdnsscan I ask you about modules installation?14:37
mdnssor anyone could help about it?14:37
udonomdnss: Hi, just ask. We will see if someone can help.14:48
mdnsshi udono, I've installed some modules but I don't see them on the client interface14:49
udonomdnss: you probably need to 'announce' them to the database with: trytond -i all -d <database_name>14:52
mdnssudono, I get this message: "psycopg2.OperationalError: could not connect to server: No such file or directory"14:53
udonomdnss: then you need to call the server with the user id which usually runs the tryton server, like sudo su tryton -c "trytond -i all -d <database_name>"14:54
mdnssthe thing is my server only works in verbose mode14:55
udonomdnss: or tryton can not connect to your database, because it is not configured in Tryton. Or at least postgresql is not running.14:55
mdnssboth are running14:56
mdnsssorry udono, what do you mean?14:57
udonomdnss: I meant: or trytond can not connect to your database, because it is not configured in the trytond.conf.14:57
udonomdnss: do you see any module in the tryton client?14:58
udonomdnss: Or is the module list empty?14:59
mdnssI restarted the server and now they appear ¬¬14:59
udonomdnss: so it works?15:00
mdnsslet me see, I couldn't see the modules before15:00
mdnssudono, is there a way to set a calendar alarm so I can know when I have a meeting ie15:03
udonomdnss: I don't know.15:04
udonomdnss: maybe calendar_scheduling module is what you are looking for?!15:07
mdnssI've installed it udono15:20
shomonhi does anyone know why a tryton running in a virtual env would show up all the modules that are installed outside it's env?15:30
udonoshomon: yes, it is because of the
shomonoh so if I want psycopg I can't separate the modules in different tryton instances?15:35
shomonor is there a way to install psycopg without using system-site-packages?15:36
shomonI used system-site-packages because psycopg hadn't installed properly you see15:36
udonoshomon: you can install and control every dependency inside the virtualenv.15:36
udonoshomon: psychopg and lxml at least must be compiled.15:37
udonoshomon: which os you are using?15:37
shomonI already have those two on the system wide tryton install I already have.. but as I need to have two trytons on the same server, maybe I need to compile them again from inside a virtualenv15:38
udonoshomon: You can try it with aptitude install python-dev libpq-dev libsasl2-dev libxml2-dev libxslt-dev15:40
udonoshomon: then pip will compile psychopg and lxml at least.15:41
udonoshomon: and libldap2-dev when you use the ldap modules of tryton.15:41
shomonah great, I did want to use them at some point15:48
shomonudono, sorry but do you know how to exit a virtualenv ?15:53
udonoshomon: try deactivate15:59
shomonthanks udono16:04
mdnssanyone using caldav?16:23
shomonI have psycopg2 installed.. but it's now saying "no module named psyco"16:26
shomonis it a separate one? I'm pip installing it but it seems to hang16:27
udonoshomon: I have not installed it. An I have deactiveted it in tryton.conf. So, I don't know.16:28
shomonaah.. maybe it wasn't so important16:30
mdnsscedk, have you tried caldav?16:55
mdnssudono, did you use caldav?17:01
udonomdnss: using is too much to say, but I test it sometimes.17:02
mdnssudono, could you use the calendar from another soft with caldav? iethunderbird17:08
udonomdnss: thunderbird needs AFAIK a plugin. But it should work:
mdnssudono, yes I know, I'm using lightning17:12
mdnssI made every step17:13
mdnssbut it never asks for user or password (in thunderbird)17:13
udonomdnss: Which steps? Do you have a link?17:13
mdnssno udono, I mean the way to configure thunderbird17:14
udonomdnss: ah, ok. understand.17:14
mdnsscreating a calendar, on the network, then http://localhost:8080/prueba/Calendars/calendar_name17:14
udonomdnss: Is webdav activated in trytond.conf and is it listening on a port?17:15
mdnssudono, let me check that17:15
mdnssudono, I have no line about caldav17:17
mdnssnot even as a comment17:17
udonomdnss: Its controlled via webdav.17:17
udonomdnss: You need to activate webdav to use caldav.17:18
mdnssthanks udono17:58
mdnssI have another question17:58
mdnssI'm installing new modules, then I make the sudo su tryton -c "trytond -i all -d prueba"17:59
mdnssafter login, new modules are not in modules list17:59
udonomdnss: maybe you need to restart the tryton-server?18:00
mdnssI already did it18:01
mdnssudono, I also restarted postgres18:01
udonomdnss: maybe the new modules have other permissions or owner then the others?18:01
mdnsssorry about my bad english, but I don't understand what do you mean with "or owner then the others"18:03
udonomdnss: sorry, was my bad english: I meant: maybe the new modules have other filesystem permissions or owner then the other modules. So that user tryton can not load them.18:05
mdnssbut I'm using admin user18:05
mdnssudono, maybe I'm not understanding...18:05
udonomdnss: but you use sudo su tryton -c "trytond -i all -d prueba" ? So you start the initialisation (-i) in the context of user tryton. This user needs to have access to the new modules and their files.18:07
mdnssudono, ohhh right, now I get what you said18:07
udonomdnss: my bad :-)18:08
mdnssudono, no, no, you were making a good explanation, it's my mix of amateur and having a little rusty english :)18:09
rmumdnss: remember, your postgresql runs on port 543318:14
rmuso trytond will only connect, if it uses the right trytond.conf18:14
rmuwhere you configured to use port 543218:15
rmus/5432/5433/ sorry18:15
rmumdnss: use something like trytond -c /path/to/trytond/etc/trytond.conf -i all -d <database_name>18:16
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zodmancedk: trytond.cfg ? the broken!23:13
zodmaninstall from pip23:13
zodmanothers packages have the same  issue23:16
zodmanim goint to create a issue23:17
cedkzodman: for me there is only account with the issue23:44
zodmantrytond_account_stock_continental missing too23:50
zodmanonly find two23:50
cedkzodman: ok I will do a fix release tomorrow23:53

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