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sisalpevery one 's safely back ?11:06
sisalpwe had two exceptional days11:07
sisalpI still have the payment term question11:07
sisalphow to implement payment term "30 days-end-of-month-on 10th " ?11:09
sisalpa today (12 nov ) invoice would be paid on 10 january11:10
sisalpis it just a matter of configuring, or something special has to be coded ?11:11
cedksisalp: it will require to be able to specify twice a fixed day11:12
sisalpcedk: can you elaborate11:12
cedksisalp: in base, you can do it only once: "end of month" or "10th"11:12
cedksisalp: but the payment term design was made to include easily such complicate rules11:16
sisalpcedk : next-10th(end-of-month(today) + 30d)11:17
cedksisalp: end-of-month == define a specific day11:18
cedksisalp: but in the base there is only 1 field for day11:18
cedksisalp: writing the module that adds the new field is very easy ≃2h11:19
sisalpcedk: so can it be done or coded easily ?11:19
cedksisalp: yes, we use relativedelta:
cedksisalp: as you can see you can almost write any computation with it11:25
cedksisalp: we choose to show only basic fields, but it can be extended easily11:26
sisalpcedk: I'll get the list of specific payment terms (nevertheless quite usual in France)11:29
sisalpcedk: and probably we'll suncontract this samll module to you11:29
cedksisalp: no problems12:13
cedric_scilIs it normal that I get a None response on a write call? (and the write is done)16:15
bechamelcedric_scil: on which version ?16:16
cedric_scilI may be doing weird things with x2many commands for getting None16:26
bechamelcedric_scil: iirc this the new and expected behaviour16:29
bechamelcedric_scil: didn't we (with Pilou) talk about it at the TUL?16:30
cedric_scilbechamel: Not that one16:31
cedric_scilI still get True when editing a party.category16:33
bechamelcedric_scil: you are right the write method in model/ returns True16:39
cedkcedric_scil: in 2.6, you must get None if it is not the case then it is a bug17:04
cedric_scilcedk: Ok, I'll set the code to expect None and check in which case I get True17:05
cedkcedric_scil: any way, before it was always True17:05
cedkcedric_scil: indeed the return value for write or delete are useless17:05
cedkcedric_scil: it something wrong happens it will raise en exception17:06
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__efx__Pilou: thank you for the response, I did had the script folder in my trytond installation, I downloaded the country module from pip and found the script folder23:32
__efx__I want to get a report directly server side but I simply want to call the excute method of the Report class but I can not get an instance of that class. Report() does not work23:33
__efx__does somebody have ever tried that ?23:34
cedk__efx__: look at
__efx__cedk: thank you !23:38
__efx__but when I use the InvoiceReport.excute it is not the execute function of the Report class that is executed ?23:47
__efx__because I have a *** Exception: ('Error', 'Report (gnuhealth.prescription.order) not find!') and I tried to put a breakpoint in the file in the execute method but it seems the method is not called23:48

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