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mrechteHello. I installed trytond from source with virtualenv. Browsing to localhost:8000 returns a 404 error. Serveur logs show: code 404, message File not found. I do not know what to put in trytond.conf for jsondata_path. Thanks16:18
corromrechte: You have to use the Tryton client ( instead of your browser.16:22
nicoemrechte: there is no web client yet. You must use a tryton client16:22
finkanybody have experience with calendaring on 2.4?16:29
finki've followed the website directions, but my calendar clients complain about lacking a webdav resource16:30
cedkfink: which client?16:35
finkcedk: apple ical, sunbird, and cadaver16:36
cedkfink: those are known to work16:36
finkcedk: hence my confusion ;)16:36
finkcedk: i followed this document:
cedkfink: if you have even issue to connect with cadaver, it should be a misconfiguration16:41
finkcedk: i can connect to the json server on 8080 with cadaver, but trying to ls into the Calendar directory returns an error:
finkcedk: that's very possible16:47
finkcedk: is there something else i should have done to setup, aside from what is described on the google code wiki link above?16:47
finkafter installing, i created a database, and then followed the calendar directions16:49
cedkfink: you must not connect to json server but to the webdav16:49
finkcedk: from the wiki: You can now access the calendar from your CalDAV application using the URL http://<server:port(8080)>/database/Calendars/<calendarname>. The user needs to authenticate herself.16:50
fink8080 is not correct?16:50
cedkfink: depend of your configuration16:53
finkcedk: it's a stock 2.4 config. trying with 8000 doesn't connect at all: Could not open collection:; 501 Unsupported method ('OPTIONS')16:53
cedkfink: look at your error, I think you did not install the calendar module16:53
finkcedk: but i created a calendar and added events & users to it in the admin16:54
finkis there something else i have to do, to "enable" the calendar?16:54
cedkfink: strange, here it works16:56
cedkfink: which version of pywebdav?16:56
finkcedk: >>> pywebdav.__file__17:04
finkdo i need to enable calendaring in the trytond config file? or in the admin?17:05
finki noticed the resources section of the webdav section in the admin is empty17:06
cedkfink: nothing to do in config file except activate webdav17:07
cedkfink: could you run the server in verbose to see if there is any error message17:08
finkcedk: maybe i also need to have a value for hostname_webdav ?17:09
cedkfink: not required17:09
finkcedk: verbose = False in config file, right?17:11
cedkfink: or trytond -v17:14
mrechteUsing tryton client, I now get an error (after the database has been created) in trytond-2.6.0-py2.7.egg/trytond/modules/ raise Exception('Module %s not found' % module)17:14
mrechte(Pdb) print module: uml_test317:15
mrechte(Pdb) print module_list: [u'uml_test3', u'board', u'mrp', u'sale', u'report_analytic', u'report_account', u'report_crm', u'product', u'custom', u'board_sale', u'report_stock', u'account_followup', u'base_report_designer', u'account', u'purchase', u'report_purchase', u'stock', u'hr', u'hr_timesheet', u'report_sale', u'crm', u'hr_timesheet_invoice', u'board_account', u'base_setup', u'profile_accounting', u'account_report', u'report_analytic_line', u'base']17:15
cedkmrechte: you a pastbin17:16
cedkmrechte: but clearly you miss module uml_test317:16
finkcedk: aha: from logs: ImportError: No module named DAV.constants17:17
mrechteI just did "python install" for trytond and tryton in my virtualenv (as per tryton documentation)17:18
cedkfink: ok, 2.4 needs pywebdav < 0.9.817:20
finkcedk: aha, so i must downgrade …17:20
cedkmrechte: except that you have a lot of other modules17:20
mrechtecedk: I ckecked the prerequisted python modules are installed (lxm, relatorio, ...) as explained in
finkcedk: you wouldn't happen to know which pywebdav version is correct?17:25
mrechteI am lost: where is that long module list coming from? I checked table ir_module_module and there are only 4 rows (webdav, test, ir, res)18:11
mrechteOK I was connecting to an exiting OpenERP database ! Sorry for disturbing.18:18
mrechteI read (google tryton forum) that a module developped from scratch using Tryton as a framework, can be released with any licence type, even closed source. Can some "Tryton official" confirm that ?18:27
cedkmrechte: you should ask to your lawyer18:28
mrechtecedk: has some one asked regarding Tryton case, when writing new modules (not derivating an existing module) ?18:37
cedkmrechte: according to the GPL, it is about derivative work18:39
mrechteThis not clear position may scare companies and prevent them from devloping with Tryton (unless they fully agree with releasing their work under GPL), don't you think ?18:42
cedkmrechte: I'm not a lawyer all I can say is what is in the GPL18:46
udonosharoonthomas: Hi, I write up some notes from TUL2012. I lost your example code snipped for including fields documentation as comment, IIRC. May you paste me a snippet again, please?18:47
sharoonthomasudono: sure, let me send you the relevant links18:47
udonosharoonthomas: TIA18:48
udonosharoonthomas: Thanks. I did not recognize it is a sphinx construction. Your example at TUL was in Python only, IIRC.18:53
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rmuis it somehow possible to dynamically change a view that is currently shown in the client?20:46
rmue.g. add some fields depending on some other field?20:47
rmustates will not be sufficient20:47
rmui have something like what happens in analytic_sale/purchase in _view_look_dom_arch in mind, but i would need dynamic update20:50
rmukind of on_change on a field that can change the view20:50
cedkrmu: no20:54
rmubut it should be possible to connect a wizard to a button, and generate the view of this wizard dynamically?20:55
cedkrmu: yes but it is a lot of work20:57
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rmuhmm. I'm extending the product_variant module, and i want to give the user a form where he can choose a template, and then be presented with a form with possible dimensions to be filled for this template...21:00
Pilouusing wizard, it's easier to choose an existent view dynamically (ie instead of generating the view on demand, generate all needed views in module definition and choose the right one)21:01
rmutemplate to attribute is one to many, and product to attribute value is many to many21:01
rmuso i would need to generate a form that for each attribute in the template lets the user choose one value from the corresponding attribute values21:02
rmuall possible views are not known a priori, and may change with configuration of attributes21:02
cedkrmu: you should use the coming fields.Dict21:04
rmuthanx for the hint, i will investigate21:05
rmuis there any example use of the dict field except the test?21:42
rmuhmm. in my case, the dict schema would depend on some other field21:57
cedkrmu: not yet, but I think we will make a product_attribute module23:07

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