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zodmanACTION part01:37
ivan__hello everybody10:23
ivan__i've been trying to install tryton2.6 but it requires to also use trytond2.6 which depends on all the modules being 2.6 and I'm not able to find trytond_health version 2.6, any help on this?10:53
cedkivan__: gnu health did not yet upgrade to 2.611:06
ivan__cedk: do you think I can disable the health module in trytond to not have that dependency?11:09
rmucedk: as suggested, i experimented with the upcoming dict-field, made a separate schema-class that depends on product.template instead of model.model, and added a dict to product.product.11:12
rmuso far so good11:12
rmubut then the client crashes with SIGSEGV11:12
rmuwhen pressing the "+"11:12
rmuonly one attribute is defined in the schema, of type "char", the line is added and shown11:14
rmubut 1-2 seconds after the added input widget receives focus, the clients SIGSEGVs11:14
rmuprelim. stacktrace
rmu(will post again with debug syms installed)11:18
rmuupdated traceback
ivan__cedk: sorry again, when I run tryton 2.6 without the module health it complains about 'Module health not found', what do you suggest?11:35
rmuivan: it should not... either you are upgrading a database that hat gnu health installed, or some other module depends on gnu health, but as gnu health has not yet been ported to 2.6, this should not happen...11:38
ivan__rmu: I want to start with fresh database, can I just replace it?11:41
ivan__rmu: even when i try to restart the database with trytond -c trytond.conf -d tryton --init=all11:45
ivan__I get a Exception: Module health not found11:45
rmudelete the database if you don't need it11:53
rmucreate a new one11:53
rmuupgrading a db only works if all modules in that db are upgraded first AFAIK11:54
ivan__i think i found out the problem, an python-egg folder of trytond_health was still remaining12:02
ivan__so trytond was allways asking where is that module when restarting the database12:02
mrechteHello. Trying to install my first module trytond_account, python install complains about missing tryton.cfg. Why is there no such file at the module's root ? Thanks12:20
rmumrechte: account module version 2.6 contains tryton.cfg12:30
rmujust checked, it is there12:31
mrechtermu: I unpacked trytond_account-2.6.0.tar.gz and there is no such file at the root12:32
rmuuse 2.6.112:33
mrechtermu: thanks, 2.6.1 has inatalled OK. However I do not see the account module from Tryton / Admin / Modules nor in Postgresql ir_module_module table. How do I register the newly installed module in Tryton ?14:56
corromrechte: Try upgrading a random module in the Tryton Admin section. At least in 2.4 this was necessary.15:01
mrechtecorro: thanks, it worked. Normal it took 12 minutes (50% CPU) to install account,company,country,currency,party modules ?15:24
corromrechte: especially the country module has lots of data to import (country information from all around the world), 12min is quite long though.15:30
mrechtecorro: yes it is while in INFO:modules:country:loading locale/fr_FR.po that it takes long time. It would be wise to have some kind of progress bar in the client.15:36
rmumrechte: for testing-purposes you could disable fsync in postgres - this could lead to catastrophic dataloss in the database, but speeds things up considerably.15:47
Piloucedk: is fsync (in postgres) disabled on test servers ?15:50
rmuPilou: this says this is only possible in postgresql.conf or on the server command line15:54
cedkPilou: I check16:20
cedkPilou: yes16:21
mrechteIs there something special to install to get report working, I always get an error in when trying to generate any report ?17:13
cedkmrechte: relatorio17:16
rmusome pictures from TUL
mrechtecedk: relatorio 0.5.6 is already installed, so I must have another problem.17:25
cedkmrechte: what is the error?17:36
mrechtecedk: /lib/python2.7/site-packages/trytond-2.6.1-py2.7.egg/trytond/model/
mrechte-> % (self.__name__, name))18:27
mrechtemrechte: cedk. I have to leave. I'll check back tomorrow. Thanks.18:31
cjbarnes1evening all20:07

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