IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2012-12-19 #tryton log beginning Wed Dec 19 00:00:01 CET 2012
iamnoobhi there.. can anyone help me how can i install tryton server 2.6.0? in ubuntu 11.1003:05
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marc0sisn't putting a module in trytond/modules/foo enough to get it available for installation? already restarted trytond and no luck19:44
rmumarc0s: try running db update19:46
marc0srmu: trytond -d db -u all ?19:48
rmumarc0s: yes19:48
marc0srmu: that worked :) thanks19:54
cedkmarc0s: there is an issue to add a command line option for that19:56
Pilou"trytond -d db -u foo" doesn't do this ?20:56

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