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iamnoobanybody home? i already connected my tryton client to a postgres database.. but i cant login into it.. the admin/admin username & password is not working.. any idea why i cant login?04:26
udonoiamnoob: you created already a database?07:47
udonoiamnoob: And in the  the new database you set the password 'admin'?07:48
rmuiamnoob: some time ago, somebody literally tried to connect to postgresql with the tryton-client, i take it you are connecting to trytond (= the tryton server)?08:57
ronna_iamnood the password 'admin' is the default trytond server password which allows you to create a database, thus you need to create a new databse with a user name and password09:08
ronna_iamnoob once you created the database you will then connect to the database using the credentials specified when creating the database09:09
iamnoobhi guys.. i got my problem solve now. 'admin' is the default password created by tryton after i created a database.. thanks everyone09:25
rmuiamnoob: what is your timezone?09:28
marc0sis it possible to extend the domain of a man2one field of the parent class from the child one definition?10:09
iamnoobrmu im GMT +08:0010:26
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risa_Install question - installed tryton/trytond via pip. Didn't get a tryton.conf file, but I understand that it should still run. Went into client and tried to create a new db but 'admin' doesn't work for Tryton server password. Do I need to first manually create a .conf file? Or will some other password work?16:15
cedkrisa_: what is the error?16:18
cedkrisa_: do you use the right server and not the demo?16:18
risa_Wrong password for tryton server. try again16:18
risa_sorry - when I try localhost, I get the error "can't create the db caused by unknown reason. FATAL: role 'risa' does not exist16:19
risa_risa is my username16:19
risa_could be postgres problem, just wanted to check here first16:20
cedkrisa_: you have to create the role in the database16:20
risa_ok, didn't see that in the docs16:20
risa_does every admin for tryton need his own role?16:22
PilouThe defaut trytond configuration needs: a postgresql database with a peer authentification working16:23
PilouA postgresql peer authentification needs a 'database user name' same as 'operating system user name'.16:25
risa_got it, thanks.16:26
risa_Can I just copy the trytond.conf from the mercurial repo?16:29
risa_since pip didn't give me one?16:29
Piloutrytond.conf from the repo contains default options, ie options that are used when trytond.conf is not available16:34
risa_ok, db installed now. Thanks again16:34
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