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iamnoobhi good day, can anybody please teach me how i can do sa sample printing in tryton? im using open office. i cant understart well the guide here :
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rmuiamnoob: up to date docs are here
rmuiamnoob: what do you want to accomplish?09:16
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odichaHi all!23:25
odichaI'm testing unoconv with tryton server on win32 and I have a strange failure. When I call unoconv from tryton (converting odt to pdf) output file is corrupt in some way.23:27
odichait has about sixty bytes more than a valid pdf. adobe reader fails to open it23:27
odichalibreoffice opens it but it has no text23:28
odichaI think it could be some kind of error between unoconv & libreoffice but I'm not sure23:29
odichasome idea??23:29
rmuodicha: does unoconv work without tryton?23:31
odicharmu: if I run unoconv from command line with same file it converts the file ok23:34
odicharmu: if I run from within tryton server it fails. output is about 60 bytes bigger and unreadable23:34
odicharmu: header and EOF are there instead.23:35
rmuis it completely different or only the appended 60 bytes?23:35
odicharmu: body is different, comparing byte to byte23:36
odichaand it outputs a malformed pdf23:36
rmuhmm. no idea23:36
odicharmu: neither me, it seems to be out of tryton scope, but not sure23:36
odicharmu: under windows unoconv must be in program path of libreoffice and must be called from libreoffice python23:37
rmuyou could try finding the place where tryton calls unoconv, and examine the temp files generated there23:37
odichayeah i've done23:37
odicharmu: I'm trying make it works under windows for opening a feature bug... now is the only feature that doesn't work on in3223:39
rmuon linux i would strace the tryton server... on windows: sysinternals tools?23:39
odichaon windows I use eclipse + pydev for python & processmon from sysinternals23:39
odichait does all ok23:39
odichabut the output file is not right. I think about some error on --stdout modifier in unoconv23:40
odichaperhaps on win32 it "gets mad"23:40
rmuperhaps LF gets converted to CRLF?23:40
rmucan you try to search/replace with a binary-aware editor?23:41
odichanot sure. in a 10k pdf the size changes about 60 bytes23:41
odichahexeditor of course :)23:41
odichano sucess23:41
rmu--stdout on the commandline does work?23:42
odichath strange thing.... when file is created from command line... after EOF has one byte23:42
odichawhen file is created from tryton it has two bytes23:42
odichaso perhaps there's some kind of mangling around it23:43
rmuwhat do you mean "after EOF"?23:43
odichamore testing needed23:43
odichaif you open a pdf file in raw mode, you'll see an EOF at then end of file, and one byte23:43
odichathats the pdf format #END#23:44
odichabut when I run unoconv from tryton it has two bytes instead one after EOF23:44
odichaI'm thinking about testing calling UNO direct from tryton, so I can try to isolate error...23:45
odichano many people calls unoconv from another python instance on windows23:46
odichait can be one of a lot of possible errors23:46
rmui see linefeed (0x0a) after "EOF" in the PDF23:47
odichain tryton + unoconv generated pdf there are two bytes23:47
odichalet me see23:47
odicha45 4f 46 0d 0a23:48
odichacr + lr ??23:48
odichaEOF LF CR ??23:49
odichaoh my god... welcome to nigntmare :)23:49
rmuthere should not be CR (0x0d), ony LF (0x0a) IMHO23:49
odichaCR LF23:50
odichabut it's wrong23:50
odichalot of 0d 0as23:51
odichatwo python talking... one in LF & other in CR+LF ?? perhaps that's the start of all... I'm going to test dumping file instead of using --stdout23:52
rmui don't know for sure, but probably the stdin/stdout (to the extent such a thing exists in windows) probably is opened in "text" mode in python23:53
odichait's possible23:53
odichaI'll do some tests tonight... if there's some luck I'll make a preliminary patch... anyway I think I'm 100% of potential win32 tryton server testers :)23:55
rmuhmm. python doc has something to say about subprocess.Popen and "universal_newlines"23:57
odicha:) I was reading it now...23:58

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