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plantianDoes anyone know the purpose of PoolMeta?  Is setting it as __metaclass__ in modules always required when using Pool?00:32
plantianI think I understand it now, nm.00:51
rmuplantian: it's kind of a shortcut so you don't have to inherit from Model-classes00:51
plantianrmu: Okay, the base models part seems inconsistent.00:54
plantianrmu: Here base classes are used --  -- but then here they are not used --
plantianI guess it has to do with the original creation of the model versus extending an existing model.00:55
plantianrmu: Thanks, I did not see that the bases were not needed in certain cases.01:09
shomonhow can I get products to lose transport cost as they are grouped up to make a bigger delivery?01:18
swinchenIs there any reason that only 3 modules show up when running the first time wizard?21:45
udonoswinchen: yes, the reason is you did not install more modules.21:54
swinchenudono I installed all the modules actually.21:54
swinchenAt least all the modules arch linux has available.21:54
udonoswinchen: try to start the server with trytond -i all -d <database_name>21:55
swinchenudono, do I start it normally after running that command?21:57
udonoswinchen: yes. After this the module should be shown in the client.21:57
swinchenThe only modules I have are ir, res, and webdav21:58
udonoswinchen: These modules are delivered with trytond-server21:58
swinchenhmmm interesting.  the modules are installed in python3.3  it looks like trytond is using python 2.x though.21:58
udonoswinchen: ups, this won't work. Tryton is bount to python 221:59
swinchenwell wtf were the package maintainers thinking.  ugh.22:00
swinchenDoes there exist a distribution where triton is well supported?22:08
udonoswinchen: IMHO Debian testing up to Version 2.2.22:10
swinchenalright, thanks.22:11
udonoswinchen: If you want the actual stable version 2.6 you should use
swinchenAhh, let me check that out.  Does it have modules?22:14
swinchenThat is probably exactly what I want.  Thanks!22:14
cedkswinchen: Gentoo is uptodate with the overlay22:15
PilouThere is a debian experimental package for Tryton 2.6. I don't know why there is no backport packages.22:18
cedkswinchen: and OpenBSD is up to 2.422:18

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