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plantianHi guys, in the document , what is meant by "Change format of search_value on ir.action.act_window(?)" ?00:16
cedkplantian: search_value is no more a dict but a list (domain)01:22
iamnoobgood day,, cedk: thanks for the help last time07:22
iamnoobi kinda lost again with my custom module that im doing. i got a Many2One field.. with an on_change event.. what i wanted to accomplish is that. when a select a record.. i need to be able to get the all the record.. and display it into a fields.Char07:28
iamnoobi created a topic in the google group.. but it seems it wont show until it gets approved.. its much easier for me to express my problem there.. good day again everyone11:01
shomonhi, anyone know how to add a field? there's no one aroudn in the gnuhealth channel at the moment11:34
shomonbut I want to add a spanish identifier.. it's already in the continental tryton module.. but I want to put the same field in the patient history bit11:35
corroshomon: it's best practice to create a separate module for that. In there you may add additional fields to the existing models and views.11:41
shomonah okay, so I can "override" the existing one.. :D11:42
shomonthat's good news.. I thought I had to make a whole new one.11:42
shomondo you know of any online examples of that?11:42
corroshomon: the unofficial party_type module does little more than adding some fields, maybe you could start there:
shomonthanks corro!11:44
corroshomon: have a look at the file, it adds (amongst others) the field first_name to the party model.11:45
corroshomon: for the view have a look at The page explains how to extend an existing view.11:47
shomonokay cool, thanks again!11:49
swinchenSo when I try "hg nclone" I get this error:  [trytond/trytond/modules/account]15:57
swinchenabort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found15:57
cedkswinchen: remove the trailing /16:05
swinchenAhh thanks.  Install page has an error.16:06
swinchenis it possible to run trytond directly from the hg repo, or should I "python2 install .... " it?16:08
Pilouswinchen: it's possible. Check etc/trytond.conf: defaut configuration use postgresql and your user must be able to create a new database.16:11
swinchenhrmmm... interesting.  I get "Incompatible version of server"16:13
Pilouclient & server must have the same major version (eg 2.6). You could check version in trytond/ and tryton/
swinchenPilou, they are both 2.716:16
swinchenhrmmm maybe I should look for the latest stable tag and try that16:17
Pilouswinchen: there are not ;)16:18
Pilouyou could use "-l DEBUG" parameter with tryton client ("./bin/tryton -l DEBUG") in order to display the received version of trytond16:19
swinchenOdd, it looks like I have an old version running in the background16:21
swinchenThis is not going smoothly ;)16:22
swinchenok I give up16:29
swinchenProgrammingError: column a.perm_create does not exist16:29
swinchenLINE 1: ...EN a.perm_write THEN 1 ELSE 0 END), MAX(CASE WHEN a.perm_cre...16:29
swinchenmwahahaha it worked16:33
shomonhi, could anyone explain how tryton might recieve info from an external webservice?17:56
nicoeshomon: just like any other python application18:00
shomonokay, thanks.. I'm looking up and I guess I have to make a module to do it and feed the info back into some fields18:02
swinchenDoes anyone know of any tutorials for setting up Tryton for a small business?   I am trying to set up an account where I can keep track of business account... and save invoices, receipts.. stuff like that.19:15
swinchenI think I have the correct modules installed (company, sale, account)  but I am not sure how to set up my user to have the access needed.19:17
swinchenWow, this might be too much software for a small business19:51

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