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plantianhi guys, what is the purpose of calling reverse here?
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udonoplantian: hi, I guess it is for showing the form view at first when there is only one record. Usually the tree view is shown first.22:03
plantianudono: thanks22:06
plantianAnother question, in one of the migration it mentions factoring out repeated calls to Pool() within a method.  That is just an optimization right?22:15
plantian*of the migration documents22:15
udonoplantian: yes, optimization.22:58
plantianIs it possible to override the admin password on an existing database?  I have it set in the configuration file but it doesn't seem to work. ie ... bad login or password 'admin' from using JSON-RPC on database 'learn-tryton-2.6'23:27
cedkplantian: the password in config file is different stuff as the admin password of a database23:29
cedkplantian: if you want reset it, you must update the password and salt row of the table res_user23:29
cedkplantian: or just modify the check_login method to always succeed23:30
plantiancedk: Thanks, the password seemed to be empty but I override the get_login method.23:34
plantianHi guys, carrier product is the service such as "UPS Ground" or "UPS 3rd Day Air".  Is that correct?23:59

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