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cedkzodman: I think my mistake was to use the rc version of grunt00:24
cedkzodman: but as jquery moved to it, I thought it was stable enough00:25
iamnoobding dong!04:10
iamnoobhow can i filter the records from a Many2One field?04:10
plantianiamnoob: What do you mean?  In a method programmatically or to restrict the many2one field when a user selects it in a form?05:32
iamnoobplantian: hi again :) i have 2 Many2One field.. in the first Many2One i select a certain record.. let say (name: tester) ,, what i want to do it.. in the second Many2One. only those records that is related to (name: tester) will come up. and available06:58
iamnoobplantian: actually i got no idea. im checking if adding a domain will do what i need..06:59
iamnoobanyone up?07:40
eriamACTION is around07:57
iamnoobrmu: i need to filter out the records that can be selected on a Many2One field.. but i dont know how to accomplish this.. i still cant get how domain works..08:27
rmuiamnoob: here is an example
iamnoobrmu:thanks ill check it now09:50
rmucedk: i think codereview is not a proper forum to discuss this production "rounding" issue.10:59
navisHi, is it not possible in an on_change_with_<field> method to call the parrent of the calling object ?13:08
navisI added a «tax_amount» field on invoice_line, with an on_change_with_tax_amount() method13:09
navisthat method calls self._compute_taxes(), which errors out with (at the end) «AttributeError: 'account.invoice' Model has no attribute 'party'»13:11
navisthe instruction leading to the error is «context = self.invoice.get_tax_context()»13:11
navisso I guess invoice is not there...13:12
navisany idea ?13:13
cedknavis: you don't have the party from the on_change_with14:44
naviscedk: isn't the whole object availlable ? I thought we could access everything from self ?15:09
naviscedk: including the parent object and its attributes15:09
cedknavis: not from on_change because it is only the value the client sent15:31
naviscedk: ok I understand... is there any other mean to calculate the taxes on a line ?15:35
naviscedk: the server needs the full story to do its magic: line and invoice15:36
naviscedk: or is the client able to send the parent invoice data ?15:39
naviscedk: only what is needed in get_tax_context15:39
cedknavis: yes with _parent_invoice.<field>15:44
naviscedk: super, thanks15:58
sharoonthomascedk: I am in the process of migrating nereid to use the active record pattern and the new Pool.register way of registering pool items16:19
sharoonthomascedk: i was wondering if we could make better use of flask blueprints in a similar fashion.16:20
sharoonthomascedk: can you give me a link to when/where the pool is built for a database (based on installed modules) ?16:20
cedksharoonthomas: it is in the Pool16:24
cedksharoonthomas: but I must say I'm pretty happy of the current implementation except for the module name to pass to register16:24
sharoonthomascedk: i loved the design16:26
sharoonthomascedk: i am wondering how best to handle nereid view handlers in cases where some urls act on records (most of the time) while others act on class16:27
sharoonthomascedk: i was thinking of using the same strategy of the tryton dispatcher which looks for im_self to decide the argument to pass16:28
cedksharoonthomas: why not16:37
sharoonthomascedk: the tricky part of course is identifying the id in the url and converting it into an instance (in the rpc dispatcher it is always args[0])16:38
cedksharoonthomas: but there is a url matcher for that?16:39
sharoonthomascedk: i think it will be just a matter of writing a custom converter
cedksharoonthomas: looks good16:41
sharoonthomascedk: something like "/product/<record(model='product.product'):product>"16:43
cedksharoonthomas: why not having the model in the url16:44
horfulusa question, can I work with tryton by using sqlite?16:51
sharoonthomascedk: thinking more about it, i think the model is not needed16:52
horfulushi mr marc0s16:52
horfuluswork in production, I mean17:06
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cedkhorfulus: I will not recommend it18:01
cedkhorfulus: because there is no constraint on it like fk18:01
cedkhorfulus: sqlite is more about testing and prototyping18:01
horfulusthanks cedk18:04
horfulussqlite is beautiful, but ..18:06
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odichaHi all!18:47
odichaA question about accounts. Field type can change its value after it's created?? yes, no , or can it break something18:49
odichafrom payable to other, i.e.18:49
plantianA file in a custom module is not required if you never plan to install the module in site-packages right?22:29
cedkplantian: no22:53
cedkplantian: but still always a good practice, you never know22:53
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plantiancedk: Okay, maybe I will add it later, I'm just trying to simplify the upgrading process to try and get a single custom module to work in 2.6.  There are a lot of API changes like you said.23:38
cedkplantian: having unittest helps a lot for such process23:42
plantiancedk: yeah, maybe after i get the module to install I will start adding some23:43
plantiani think the xml might be the hardest thing to update23:43
cedkplantian: I don't remember any big change in XML23:44
plantiancedk: no big changes, just lot of small changes23:44
plantiannested fields, connecting permissions, some attributes change23:45

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