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2013-01-19 12:07 <katr> Hi! I have a question about invoices.
2013-01-19 12:08 <katr> What's the purpose of calling .print_invoice() from .open()?
2013-01-19 12:08 <katr> Is it to save the report to "invoice_report_cache"?
2013-01-19 12:50 <cedk> katr: yes
2013-01-19 12:58 <katr> cedk: Thanks! The problem is that the decorator of .open() sets the state after .open() returns so when .parse() is called the invoice is still in draft state and not written "invoice_report_cache".
2013-01-19 12:58 <katr> cedk: Or am I missing something?
2013-01-19 13:07 <katr> cedk: Of course, if the invoice is printed after the confirmation it is correctly saved to the cache.
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2013-01-19 21:08 <plantian> anyone have any thoughts what would cause this --
2013-01-19 21:09 <plantian> I added an xml snippet at the top that seems to cause it.
2013-01-19 21:09 <plantian> It is from my custom inventory module.
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2013-01-19 21:52 <cedk> plantian: I think it is a bug introduced with a bugfix
2013-01-19 21:57 <cedk> plantian: indeed I can not reproduce it
2013-01-19 21:58 <plantian> cedk: It is weird because the official stock module has nearly the same xml but does not produce the error.
2013-01-19 21:59 <plantian> cedk: When I was checking it seemed like create_date was not in the fields passed to the parser. What would cause that?
2013-01-19 21:59 <cedk> plantian: is the create_date field on the view?
2013-01-19 22:00 <plantian> no
2013-01-19 22:01 <plantian> I didn't see that difference, let me try it.
2013-01-19 22:02 <plantian> cedk: That fixes it.
2013-01-19 22:03 <plantian> cedk: The API has greatly improved but it is still so hard to know what is going wrong when it goes wrong.
2013-01-19 22:04 <plantian> cedk: Thanks for the help, not sure if a check should be added to the parser.
2013-01-19 22:09 <cedk> plantian: I think a check is needed
2013-01-19 22:10 <cedk> plantian: but it is not easy
2013-01-19 22:37 <plantian> cedk: I don't know much about the domain format but maybe this would work?:
2013-01-19 22:38 <plantian> Having the string_ method in the string method seems sort of odd. Not sure how that occurred.

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