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albertcacedk: still there?00:35
iamnoobding dong...02:14
iamnoobi need a little help please.. i dont get why i cant make my domain on a Many2One to work.. (please see line 19-2002:20
iamnoob(in my code) i just wanted.. after i select a GroupCode... all that will be available on the "search record" of ClassCode is all of the record that is related to the selected GroupCode02:23
plantianiamnoob: Does the catgroup.catclass model have a GroupCode field?03:22
iamnoobplantan: yes it has.. im going to paste bin it too to be clear03:31
plantianiamnoob: I think in that chase the field name in the domain would just be GroupCode.03:31
plantian*in the case03:31
iamnoobplantian: here is the pastebin of my model catgroup.catclass link:
iamnoobplantian: ok going to try domain = [('GroupCode', '=' , eval('GroupCode'))]03:36
plantianiamnoob: okay, sounds good, i don't remember how the eval works03:38
plantianbut the field name is now correct03:39
iamnoobplantian: actaully so am i.. i have been reviewing a past thread on tryton google group.. i not sure if eval('<field name>') or its a eval('<function>')03:41
iamnoobhere the link.. i thinks i wanted the same goal as this the thread starter..03:42
plantianiamnoob: I think you want Eval instead of eval.  You have to import Eval from trytond.pyson I think.03:46
plantianeval is probably a python builtin function, which is unrelated03:46
plantianiamnoob: Also I think you need to list GroupCode in a depends attribute of the Many2One field.03:47
plantianie. ..., depends=['GroupCode'])03:48
iamnoobplantian: thanks.. ill be reviewing the link first. feed back you later plantian.. thanks again.03:51
iamnoobplantian: trying to do "from trytond.pyson import Eval"   but getting ImportError: No module name pyson..04:00
plantianwhat tryton version are you using again?04:00
iamnoobplantian: i got a 1.4.3 trytond and a 1.4.1 tryton version04:02
iamnoobplantian: also using ubuntu 10.04(lucid)04:05
plantianiamnoob: yeah sorry, i was looking at the 2.4 docs04:24
iamnoobplantian: any idea how i can update my tryton version? i think mines a little old..04:29
plantianiamnoob: Do you have an existing deployment you have to update or are you just starting now to write custom modules?04:30
iamnoobplantian: im just starting now to write a custom module04:31
plantianiamnoob: Oh yeah, I think you should write your modules for the latest stable version if that is the case.04:32
plantianiamnoob: otherwise you won't be able to access newer modules and whatnot04:33
iamnoobplantian: yeah.. im really getting lost :).. actually i dont know where to start.. on how to upgrade my tryton/trytond version04:34
iamnoobplantian: im trying to reinstall tryon..(in a quest to use the updated one) following the
iamnoobbut i got lost on the Dependecies section.. it seems the page for the client and server dependecies is not working anymore04:37
plantianiamnoob: yeah sorry, I don't mean to derail you from development, it just can be hard to upgrade api if you write to 1.4 and then later want to use later features04:38
iamnoobplantian: no biggie.. i got your point. thanks to that :)04:40
plantianiamnoob: Yeah I'm not sure how to use later version in Ubuntu, you might have to ask someone more familiar with Ubuntu.  I install from the source.  Maybe 2.6 isn't the best, but there must be something newer than 1.4.04:43
iamnoobplantian: can i ask what version are you using?04:51
plantianiamnoob: I was using 1.8 but the last 2 weeks I have been trying to update to 2.6.04:52
plantianI have been running 1.8 for about a year now I think.04:52
iamnoobplantian: cool, ok ill try to update mine first before continuing my development.. thanks04:53
iamnoobhi.. i got my 1.4 custom modules.. how come after i upgrade to 2.6.. its not appearing anymore in administation/Modules/Modules?09:14
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rmuiamnoob: there have been numerous API-changes, modules-registration and intialization changed completely from 2.4->2.609:54
pilouiamnoob: they should appear10:01
iamnoobrmu: can i still use my custom module made from version 1.4?10:01
pilouyou must update your custom modules10:02
iamnoobpilou: hmmm .. what update do i need to change? is it i.e
pilouSome steps are documented, most are not ( 2.0->2.1 & 2.2->2.4 are documented)10:04
iamnoobpilou: thanks ill go read it10:05
rmuiamnoob: this documents "active record migration" that happened from 2.4->2.6
iamnoobrmu: thanks ill try to figure it out10:54
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plantianIs there a way to debug 500 Internal Server errors?  The exception traceback in the client just shows "None".20:37
pilouplantian: maybe with "debug_mode = True" in trytond.conf ?20:49
plantianpilou: Thanks, I solved it by adding log statements in the client code.  A default_* method was returning an object instead of an id.21:16
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