IRC logs of #tryton for Tuesday, 2013-01-22 #tryton log beginning Tue Jan 22 00:00:01 CET 2013
iamnoobding dong!04:07
plantianiamnoob: how is it going?04:31
iamnoobplantian: already on ver 2.6 now im trying to figure out how i can re-use my old custom modules.. its not like before where i just put it inside the tryton\modules folder and it will detect it..04:39
iamnoobplantian: trying to understand this link:
plantianha where was this 2 weeks ago04:40
plantiani just had to guess all these things04:40
plantianiamnoob: There are two other migration pages in the wiki too if you haven't seen those.04:41
plantianiamnoob: You need a tryton.cfg file instead of a file.04:43
plantianiamnoob: And the file has changed as indicated here.  I just had to read the source of an official module and make my custom module match the structure.04:43
iamnoobplantian: yeah i check the and notice theres a new file tryton.cfg where tryton.cfg is like the old file.. thansk for clearing it :)04:46
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