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iamnoobplantian: ping, got some time?03:48
plantianiamnoob: Did you just change your name?04:02
trytonnoobplantian: just to be sure.. is it in the XML <field name="name"> or <field name="res_model"> ?04:14
plantiantrytonnoob: it depends on the model, as in <record model="XXXX"> I think, so check the documentation or check an official module for that record04:18
plantianhaha, killing me04:18
iamnoobthere fixed my name04:19
plantianiamnoob: it depends on the model, as in <record model="XXXX"> I think, so check the documentation or check an official module for that record04:21
plantianiamnoob: I thought of something you might be missing, you might need to add access rules for your models.04:22
plantianiamnoob: hold on and i will send link04:22
iamnoobplantian: big thanks04:23
plantianiamnoob: here is an example in the stock module for the stock.inventory model:
plantianI didn't see those in your xml file for your models.  I'm not sure if they are required or not.04:24
iamnoobplantian: ok thanks.. ill work on it.. feedyou back again04:26
iamnoobplantian: hi. i have updated my XML.. and im comparing the one ive done to the link..and some official modules XML.. but im having a new error .. which im not familiar with06:45
plantianiamnoob: Okay06:45
plantianJust pastebin it06:45
iamnoobplantian: updated XML       error log :
iamnoobplantian: updated XML       error log :
plantianiamnoob: Something is odd with your data tags, there seem to be one <data> at line 3 and two </data> tags at line 69 and line 90.  You should remove the one at line 69, unless it is a copy/paste error.06:49
iamnoobplantian: just tried out removing </data> tag at line 69.. still got the error msg..06:52
iamnoobplantian: updated XML file        btw. im using the official module country and currency as a side by side checking..06:54
plantianiamnoob: okay, let me try an experiment06:57
iamnoobplantian: thanks you.. your very helpfull06:58
plantianiamnoob: If I take the official stock module and put an invalid name in the search domain of the access rule it gives your error.06:58
plantianiamnoob: It seems that your models are still not being loaded for some reason.06:59
plantianie. on line 71 it runs the search for [('model', '=', 'catgroup.catgroup')] but there is no catgroup.catgroup model so it fails07:00
plantianiamnoob: Is it possible for you to move your existing deployment directory, Catalog or whatever, into another location and try copying in a fresh set of files from your development directory?07:01
iamnoobplantian: do you think that there something wrong in my .py file? im also manually checking the database.. still the table have not being created..07:01
iamnoobplantian: ok will do that07:03
plantianiamnoob: It could be there are old files there messing something up.  I don't know, just an idea.07:04
iamnoobplantian: i did think of that for a while.. since i came from 1.407:04
iamnoobplantian: wil try to clean things up. and get a new set of files again.. thanks07:04
plantianI was thinking about just your module directory.07:05
iamnoobplantian: ohh i see.. ok ill start there07:05
iamnoobplantian: forgot to ask this.. im manually putting my module-directory inside trytond-2.6.2-py2.6.egg/trytond/modules.. is this correct? or i have to do the easy-install.pth? found at usr/local/lib/pythong2.6/dist-package    .. edit it and insert my own folder..07:15
plantianiamnoob: you could install your module with easy install by creating a file, but for now seems like the module file might be easier, i think it should work07:16
iamnoobplantian: ok got it..07:17
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iamnoobplantian: your right... also by droping the old database and creating a new one.. this will read my module properly07:39
plantianiamnoob: great, so now tryton starts up with no error?07:40
iamnoobplantian: yes .. got an error on my .py file but i think im ok now.. thanks!07:49
plantianiamnoob: great, I'm glad its working07:49
iamnoobplantian: yes thanks a lot :)07:51
damocle83how is possible remove tryton and neso on ubuntu 12.0409:27
damocle83c'è qualche italiano?09:27
damocle83cedk, hi!09:31
cedkdamocle83: I don't know, I don't have Ubuntu09:31
damocle83cedk, d'oh! :)09:31
damocle83anyone have ubuntu?09:32
iamnoobdamocle83: what kind of removal do you want? unistall?09:36
damocle83iamnoob, i try to install source file after software center install, then no run!09:37
damocle83iamnoob, nou i can uninstall all to reinstall like new09:37
damocle83soory for my english09:38
damocle83i type " sudo apt-get autoremove tryton" but the response is "no tryton found"09:39
iamnoobdamocle83: i not sure if this is what you want to get. try going into "synaptic package manager" then on the search box.. type in tryton . righclick on in.. apply.. then goto and follow the "Setuptools" instructions09:42
damocle83ok i try!10:06
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iamnoobhi anyone got a good example on how to set a default value on a Field.Char please..10:51
cedkiamnoob: def default_<fieldnam>(): …10:52
jcaviamnoob: and it's a classmethod / staticmethod10:54
iamnoobcedk: hi thanks.. i may need to revised my question..10:54
iamnoobactually i have this field.char where i want to the current user to be the default value10:55
jcaviamnoob: You can access the current user through Transaction().user10:56
iamnoobjcav: ok thanks!10:57
gb6972tryton 2.6 - invoice print - unit price shows only 2 position after decimal point. I need 4.  Where can i change this output? In my invoice.odt - unit - formatLang(line.unit_price,, currency=invoice.currency). thanks11:05
cedkgb6972: change the rounding of the unit11:25
damocle83is possible to use browser to connect with tryton?12:58
damocle83C'è qualche italiano/a?12:58
damocle83how is possible install web client?13:08
pokolidamocle83: web client is still in development13:11
damocle83pokoli, oh, when will be possible use web client?13:12
pokolidamocle83: Sorry, I don't know. Ask cedk  or nicoe13:12
damocle83pokoli, ok thank's13:13
damocle83now have new question, whit "easy_install" is possible download all the modules in one command?13:16
gb6972cedk:  works!  :-))13:31
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nicoedamocle83: about your easy_install question, you should use pip13:43
nicoedamocle83: pip will fetch all the dependancies from the web and install it13:43
nicoedamocle83: about the webclient, it's not usable yet although we have the treeview working (and thus the menu) and the login process13:45
damocle83nicoe, ok i try!13:45
eriamHello, I still have the 404 while trying to checkout the trytond with hgnested13:48
eriamany clues ?13:48
nicoeeriam: works for me13:54
cedkeriam: could you show the TCP dump13:54
eriamhold on ..13:54
bechamelcedk: (in a web browser) gives: 00manifest.i@account: no match found13:55
cedkbechamel: because it must be:
damocle83nicoe, success!14:10
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eriam # is that enough information ?14:11
eriamhmm the double / seems problematic14:12
eriamok so that's it14:13
eriamI need to do a hg nclone
eriamwithout trailing slash14:15
eriamthanks for the pointer14:15
cedkeriam: we don't get the status of the answer14:15
cedkeriam: yes clearly it is the double /14:28
eriamyes, it works perfectly now14:29
eriameverything checked out ! let's get this thing rocking ;)14:30
gb69722.6 - invoice.odt: what code do i need to put the name of my user-employee to the invoice?   This code does not work: <user.employee.full_name or "">15:03
katrgb6972: Maybe <user.rec_name>15:25
gb6972katr 15:25:45  .. thanks! it works. 15:51
katrgb6972: Great!15:52
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